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Beware the Barbarian on your next project

Barbarian salesmen cause a lot of problem in the civil engineering industry. How can you avoid the hype and ensure you don’t get caught in their trap?

Australian tunnelling projects among world's best

The International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association announced finalists for its November awards ceremony. What Australian projects are recongised?

TBM Isabelle first to reach end of line

Isabelle is the first TBM to complete her journey from Bella Vista to Epping. What were some of Isabelle’s major achievements over the past 10 months?

BluSeal AKS adds value to Victorian sewer project

The BluSeal AKS has been instrumental in many projects across Australia, including a recently completed one in Victoria. Read on to find out how.

TBM appears from Sydney ground

The technology involved in tunnelling projects today is simply stunning, and this was highlighted in Sydney earlier this week.

Durability and performance features of BluSeal AKS in the sewer environment

As one of Bluey’s leading products, the BluSeal AKS​, is an outstanding example of advances in civil engineering technology over recent years.

Underground pedestrian link to be built

Planning for an underground pedestrian link at the Norwest station would be a major benefit for both train commuters and motorists.

Clarence River Bridge tender finalists announced

The Pacific Highway is one of the busiest roads in Australia, with tens of thousands of private vehicles and trucks passing along the 960km route each day.

NZ tunnel project resumes after winter hiatus

Alice, the New Zealand-based tunnel Boring Machine, has returned to work on the Waterview Connection after a scheduled five-day break.

Scone to see significant infrastructure upgrade

A new bypass at Scone should both improve safety and reduce congestion around the small town, according to the Minister.

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