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Cyclones often battle with Queensland over summer.

Queensland natural disaster infrastructure receives boost

Queensland is subject to many extreme weather events. As such, the Queensland government has announced funding to improve the state’s basic infrastructure.

Bluey is proud to announce the geopolymer range.

Introducing Bluey's new Geopolymer range

It is always exciting to announce new products in the civil engineering industry. So, what are the features of the new Geopolymer range?

A new bridge has been opened in Victoria.

Princes Highway Bridge progress continues

As Australia’s roading infrastructure continues to age, it is important to recognise the efforts of civil engineering projects as they progress.

Tunnel liners are key in a range of applications.

Line your tunnel project with BluSeal

Tunnelling projects are always complex because of the range of environmental and structural factors. So what can civil engineers use?

Concrete can be worn down by aggressive chemicals.

What is a BluSeal Anchor Knob Sheet?

BluSeal Anchor Knob Sheet is one of the most robust concrete protection linings available for protecting concrete in aggressive chemical-laden environments.

Plans are being conceptualised for the $20 million redevelopment.

NT's Richardson Park project moves ahead

The NT government has earmarked $20 million for the development of Richardson Park, as part of an ongoing sporting infrastructure master plan.

Any infrastructure plan for Melbourne is sure to require plenty of tunnel-building expertise.

New $5.5 billion river crossing for Melbourne?

A much needed new second crossing for west Melbourne will require a significant amount of expertise, should the tunnel proposal be finalised as expected.

The Hay Point Coal Terminal's third expansion project will help Australia get closer towards reclaiming its world-leading status

Hay Point Coal Terminal cements itself in history

The third expansion project at Hay Point, Queensland, is helping Australia approach a lofty target, though its development wasn’t without its challenges.

It is vital to select and test a grout based on the location's environment.

Want to know a little more about grout properties?

The BluCem LH60 is the perfect solution in a number of applications.

What are the benefits of BluCem LH60?

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