Regardless of the size or scope of your civil engineering project, there is an important step that must be completed before concrete or mortar is applied – priming. Many environments contain a high amount of moisture which can affect the longevity of the grout and make the entire structure unstable.

As such, every civil engineering professional needs to understand the value in priming and know what products work best in different environments. At Bluey Technologies, this is a topic that we take very seriously and have developed a unique acrylic concrete primer called BluCem AP10 that can add value and quality to any situation.

The one component polymer liquid is added to water to form the high bond concrete primer. You can trust that this primer has undergone significant testing over recent years to ensure it is of the highest quality possible.

A primer for multiple products

The BluCem range of cement grouts and mortars for concrete repair applications is extensive, but it is important to note that the BluCem AP10 primer is only suited to a select few. This includes the BluCem RF20, BluCem HB30, BluCem HB40 and BluCem HB70.

As ever, all businesses should consult with a civil engineer or the team at Bluey when making product decisions. This ensures the right primer and cement grout or mortar is matched correctly and the civil engineering project has the best chance of success.

What makes the BluCem AP10 stand out?

As a civil engineering professional, you have plenty of choice when it comes to priming solutions. However, here are three benefits of the BluCem AP10 that you shouldn't go past.

1) Applicable in many environments

Whether you are looking to prime a tunnel, basement or wall, the BluCem AP10 can do the job. Its unique chemical composition means it is suitable in both indoor and outdoor applications. We also suggest that you receive additional advice on your location's viability.

In fact, in accordance with AS/NZS 4020: 2005 and when used with other approved BluCem products, the AP10 is potable water use approved.

2) Unmatched bond strength

As a base before the concrete grout or mortar is added, your civil engineering project demands a primer that is strong and will last the distance – exactly what the BluCem AP10 can offer.

This product is designed to last for at least 100 years and we guarantee this fact.

3) Improved water resistance to substrate

The BluCem AP10 unifies substrate porosity due to its water-based structure. As such, it conditions the surface to a high quality and consolidates the integrity of the concrete grout or mortar to come.

For more information on this product, or any others in the BluCem range, speak to the professional team at Bluey Technologies today.

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