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Stronger Together – MB Solutions Australia acquires Bluey Technologies

  At a time when MB Solutions Australia was re-establishing itself in Australia as a market leader for specialty construction chemicals, Bluey was also looking for ways to continue its expansion and support its growth efforts both locally and abroad. The solution for both companies has come in the form of an acquisition that was […]

Get it Right the First Time – The Art of Concrete Protection

As a trusted supplier, we understand that we have a responsibility to protect and preserve the natural and built environment. This means weighing up economic, social and environmental impacts of every project we work on. In the article below we discuss the importance of concrete protection on the environment and how Bluey assists projects in […]

Rock Strata – Looks Good from Afar, But is Far From Good to Work With

When looking at layers of exposed bedrock, you can often see beautiful striations and colour changes as one line of rock gives way to the next. Known as strata, these layers are formed over vast time periods and are deposited by hydrologic and geologic processes. While exposed strata can be truly picturesque, it can also […]

Then and Now – Innovations of Tunnel Bolting and Grouting

When it comes to safety in any tunnelling or underground project, rock bolting is an effective mechanism for long and short-term tunnel rock support. When work sites require a long-term solution, rock bolting and bolt grouting are used together to ensure the maximum stability and design life of a structure. Before modern rock bolting, underground […]

How Can Coastal Infrastructure Assets be Protected?

Australia’s vast coastline is one of the elements that make this country so special. With over 25,000 kilometres of marine environment, we’ve seen our fair share of civil engineering projects over the past two decades. As infrastructure continues to interact with the marine environment, businesses, local councils and governments are running into numerous problems. Whether this […]

When to Choose a Sheet Membrane vs Spray Membrane

A common question when it comes to waterproofing is which system to use. Sheet membrane or a liquid spray membrane? Liquid Spray Membrane – BluSeal TF05 BluSeal TF05, our spray applied membrane is designed to permanently consolidate and seal brickwork, concrete structures and rock excavations from gas and/or water transmission.   The membrane is also […]

Is Concrete Repair Worth the Effort?

Is Concrete Repair Worth the Effort? At Bluey, concrete repair is a major focus of ours. We endeavour to offer solutions to repair concrete rather than let asset owners spend more on a complete replacement project. One of the common misconceptions with cracked or damaged concrete is that, for the best result, it’s more productive […]

BluRez Resins and Epoxy Systems – From Pool Decks to Aeroplane Hulls

Epoxy resins provide unique features which make them suitable for high-performance civil engineering applications. Their exceptionally high bond to steel and concrete surfaces, combined with resilience to vibration and high tensile strength are often the reason they are used in the most demanding of environments. The full BluRez range can be found below this article. […]

What Exactly is Grout?

We’ve been a leading supplier of innovative, civil products for two decades now. The Bluey team has worked on countless civil engineering projects, including tunnels, roads construction, utilities, ports and basements among others. This means that we have been exposed to a lot of grout related challenges and we’ve solved a lot too. What is […]

What Happens When You Bathe BluCem ZeoGlass In Acid for 2 Years?

In the early stages of the BluCem ZeoGlass (ZeoGlass) development and approval process, we teamed up with The University of Sydney to conduct a test program, to analyse the “leading” sewer lining shotcretes and see how they perform next to ZeoGlass. These commonly used products consist of a geopolymer based shotcrete, a calcium aluminate cement […]

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