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Saving 600 Hours of Labour On A 180m3 Pour

At a recent project in Sydenman, our BluCem Ready Mix Grout supply saved a customer more than 600 hours of labour at a project which required 180m3 of precision, non-shrink grout. We’re able to shorten the construction timelines, improving delivery speeds and safety on-site, while also offering time and expenditure savings. Time Savings On Recent […]

Minimising Construction Timelines with BluCem Ready Mix Grouts

For more than 80 years, grout has been supplied to sites in cement bags, with the bagging process being incredibly simple and highly efficient for manufacturers. Once out of the manufacturer’s hands, the story changes. Contractors are often stuck with costly transportation, hazardous mixing techniques, labour-intensive application and environmentally wasteful clean-ups involving large amounts of […]

Minimising Mixing Errors By Delivering Pre-Mixed Precision Grouts To Site

Rather than relying on contractors to mix grouts to specific water ratios, while accounting for weather conditions, flowability characteristics and final strengths, BluCem Ready Mix Grouts makes it easy.

Ready Mix Grouts: The Benefits of RMX for Large Volume Applications

Delivering up to 5m3 in a single delivery, concrete agitators are the best method to deliver large quantities of precision grout to site, easily. By mixing BluCem Ready Mix (RMX) Grouts in concrete agitators prior to delivery, we’re able to supply large quantities, truck after truck, resulting in vast time savings, cost savings and safety risks on site.

72 Hour Bridge Replacement

896 bags of BluCem HE80 – High Early Strength Grout were recently used to grout the joints and anchor points of precast bridge segments at the new Frenchman’s Creek Bridge on the outskirts of Rockhampton, QLD. As the delivery of the replacement was 3 days, the grout had to possess properties that would ensure it […]

ACRA Waterproofing Seminar

On Wednesday evening (22/9/21) ACRA will be hosting a face-to-face Waterproofing Seminar at the Ingot Hotel in Perth, WA. Daniel Bosco will be presenting virtually at the event, discussing waterproofing material selection, new technology and best practices for industrial, commercial and residential waterproofing. Details Cost: $55 for members, $77 for non-members, Free for students. Includes […]

Concrete 2021 Is Almost Here

As an Exhibition Partner, we invite you to join us virtually from the 5 – 8th of September at Concrete 2021. Experience an engaging and exciting virtual program including keynote speakers, invited speakers and over 150 technical presentations. This year you can plan the program around your own schedule giving you greater access to more […]

Utilising Calcium and Silica to Redefine What a Structural Sewer Lining Shotcrete Is

The BluCem ZeoGlass formulation includes the use of two, non-traditional concrete materials; Calcium and silica. These supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) not only reduce our environmental impact, but the SCMs also improve the durability of the structural sewer liner.   Calcium: Conventional geopolymer concretes will not activate in the presence of Calcium ions, yet Calcium is […]

Filling Cracks? Here’s What You Need to Know

Repairing cracks with injection grout helps provide waterproofing and corrosion protection. Check out the BluRez range of epoxy and polyurethane resins.

Concrete Topping To Industry-Leading Standards

The BluCem RF20 is ideal for a number of applications including levelling concrete floors and resurfacing rain damaged slabs.

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