Tunnels & Underground

One area of civil engineering that requires quality products and services is tunnel support. In any setting, tunnels are exposed to a myriad of elements which can impact a project’s longevity. Water and chemicals are two major concern here.

We understand the challenges of building tunnels and having the products and technical knowledge to assist this process. From the initial design phase to full implementation, our team of civil engineers applies our industry-leading products to make the difference on projects across the country.

Leaks and Cracks

Concrete provides structures with strength, rigidity, and resilience from deformation. These characteristics, however, result in concrete structures lacking the flexibility to move in response to external, environmental or volume changes.

When these changes exceed the concrete’s maximum tensile strength, cracking occurs.

Once the reason for the crack has been determined, the appropriate action can be taken. This may be leaving the crack alone, injecting the crack with the appropriate material, or applying other suitable repair methods.



Across a number of environments, the ground can become weak after being exposed to a range of factors. This includes excavation, weather events, infrastructure changes, soil movements or even seismic activity. Not only can changes in ground conditions create a risk to the general public, but they can also lead to a highly expensive replacement of the damaged infrastructure. This is where our ground support products can be of great advantage.

With the right Bluey product, we can provide confidence that regardless of the application, the ground can be supported in a safe and effective way. Our innovations in this area ensures that this part of the industry is keeping up with the additional demands of bigger cuttings, deeper tunnels, longer spans and other challenges faced due to growing populations.



When waterproofing underground, the effort required to resist water pressure is often underestimated. Bluey looks to International Standards and our decades of experience in this area, to help our partners select the right product for their application.

Getting it right the first time can save you money and reduce potentially expensive rectification works.


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