Installation & Support

Expert Install Teams & Training

It takes approximately five years to train a Waterproofing Technician. Bluey has established a plastics welding course in conjunction with PARTEC in Queensland, an independent, government-funded plastics and composites training college. We’ve proudly trained many Australians to successfully work in the tunnel industry. Some of our original team from 2003 remain as Bluey employees, now training others. We currently employ two, full time expert teams on Australia’s East Coast, lining underwater systems with a range of BluSeal products.

Project Design & Specification

Engineering design & specification is one of the most important parts of the entire waterproofing process. Bluey employs qualified, full-time engineers that specialise in tunnel waterproofing, ensuring that project design consultants understand the strict detailing that is required to work in accordance with World’s best practices.

Project Management

Project management ensures that each stage of the design, procurement, delivery and installation of membrane, are completed successfully. Time and time again, Bluey has managed projects large and small for partners across the globe.

Lining & Terminations

Waterproofing is no easy trade. Welds, complex terminations, three-way curvature, compartmentalisations, high water pressure, and weak ground are just some of the complications that Bluey Waterproofing Technicians often face. To ensure the delivery of successful projects, Bluey assists in the overall project management and installation of membrane. When you can’t afford a single leak, the only way to go is to utilise Australia’s most experienced waterproofing team.

Material Selection

Not all membranes are created equal. Bluey engineers will assist in selecting the most appropriate material for the project, taking into consideration the project design requirements, ground water contaminants, and also the clients budget. To ensure the highest quality, Bluey only use membranes manufactured in Europe to the highest international quality standards.

Quality Assurance

As one of the most experienced supply and install companies in the industry, we offer the following quality assurance features and benefits to all of our partners.

  • Experienced installers, management and supervision
  • Co-ordinate deliveries and stock
  • Site testing of all welds
  • Quality assurance paperwork.
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