Built with precision and consideration, utilities provide the public with safety, convenience and a comfortable standard of living.

To maintain these utilities, councils and businesses look to the civil engineering industry to ensure the upkeep of these precious assets. We’re proud to offer industry-leading products and technical assistance in this area. We understand that utility projects must be completed on time, on budget and within certain parameters. Therefore, we always go above and beyond with our clients and customers.

For almost twenty years, we’ve offered a range of marine grouts and repair solutions for major coastal infrastructure projects in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. In utilising our innovative products, contractors have ensured the longevity of these coastlines for generations to come.


Power & Energy
Two decades of experience working on numerous energy projects have given us in-depth knowledge + knowhow, enabling us to deliver specialised construction products to our industry partners.

We offer a variety of engineered cementitious and ground support solutions to contractors across the country, ensuring the safety and efficiency of these high priority assets.


Water & Wastewater
We’ve been a market leader in sewer repair products for more than a decade. We work with civil engineers on projects such as sewers, desalination plants and wastewater treatment structures to keep sewers operating smoothly and efficiently.


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