Ready Mix Grout | Sydney Launch Event

To celebrate the launch of our new range of Ready Mix Grouts, we’re holding a live demonstration event in Sydney! About the New Range BluCem RMX Grouts deliver up to 80m3 of precision grout (or 8,000 20KG bags) in a single, 10-hour shift. By premixing grouts in agitators at batch plants, we’re able to supply large, continuous quantities […]

Utilising Calcium and Silica to Redefine What a Structural Sewer Lining Shotcrete Is

The BluCem ZeoGlass formulation includes the use of two, non-traditional concrete materials; Calcium and silica. These supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) not only reduce our environmental impact, but the SCMs also improve the durability of the structural sewer liner.   Calcium: Conventional geopolymer concretes will not activate in the presence of Calcium ions, yet Calcium is […]

Concrete Topping To Industry-Leading Standards

The BluCem RF20 is ideal for a number of applications including levelling concrete floors and resurfacing rain damaged slabs.

The Polyurethane Injection Resin that Expands 50x in Size

Bluey’s BluRez CSW polyurethane resin can be used in a number of environments, from dams and embankments to retaining walls.

3 Features Which Have Increased ZeoGlass’ Design Life in Sewers from 15 Years to 40 Years

When combined, the three features below extend BluCem ZeoGlass’ design life for up to 3 times as long as regular OPC shotcretes. 1) Corrosion Resistant Recycled Glass BluCem ZeoGlass is unique in that more than 50% of the mix is recycled by-products, including glass aggregate which is totally inert to corrosion in acid sewer environments. […]

Shrinkage: Part 1 – The Causes of Concrete Shrinkage

Failure to account for the causes of concrete shrinkage can lead to tension, cracks or even result in failure of the whole structure.   In the next three-part blog series, we’ll take a detailed look at shrinkage and how we compensate against it to deliver consistent, controlled products in all temperatures and conditions. What is […]

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