Going against the status-quo has always been the Bluey way. We’ve worked hard with our partners over the years to create new opportunities and differentiate ourselves from the competition, by not competing with it. Whether it’s a new engineering solution or the development of a new product, we’re always drawn to doing things a little differently to add value to our customer’s projects.
Following two years of research and development, in January 2020, we began overhauling the entire BluCem bagged product line, switching to Australia’s first 100% compostable and dissolvable cement bags.

“It is not about being eco-friendly, green, or otherwise making a bold political statement. It is just a very small step toward ensuring that when we are gone, nobody will know that we were here”. – Daniel Bosco, Director.


Grouts and Mortars

In the civil and construction industries, time is often the enemy. Whether your team only has a short window to complete their component or the stakeholder is looking for an early return to service, deadlines must be met.

When time is of the essence, fast set grouts and concretes allow projects to be completed to a high standard against the clock. The BluCem product line of concretes, grouts and mortars and can add value to any concrete repair application.


Recycled Glass Aggregates

Stockpiles of used glass, plastic and paper have grown rapidly around the world as governing authorities struggle to find ways to treat and reuse these materials locally. Because of this, consistent innovation is required to find economic benefits for their usage beyond just the environmental advantages.

Understanding that glass is resistant to corrosion when used with the BluCem ZeoGlass formulation, we substituted environmentally damaging mined sands from Australian riverbeds for recycled glass that consumers put in their yellow bin every week. After three years of testing, the innovation opened the possibility of using glass as the aggregate for multiple cementitious products.


BluCem ZeoGlass Product ImageBluCem ZeoGlass
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Non-corrosive Anchoring

In 2011, we introduced the BluGeo GRP range in partnership with FiReP, a glass-fibre reinforced polymer continuously threaded bar with an extremely high load-carrying capacity. Essentially, it’s a new solution for ground anchoring, reo mesh and rebar.

Below are the top five innovative advantages that BluGeo GRP offers over traditional steel.

1) ¼ Weight of Steel – BluGeo GRP is strong, extremely lightweight, simple to handle and easy to cut.

2) 2x the Tensile Strength of Steel – Consistent testing and research enables Bluey to offer a high tensile strength product that exceeds expectations and provides excellent results.

3) High Corrosion Resistance – Some environments promote corrosive properties, but as a result of our dedication to testing, research and product development, BluGeo GRP60 is highly resistant to this issue and eliminates the need for Double Corrosion Protection (DCP), unlike steel.

4) Non-Conductive – BluGeo GRP is a non-conductive material which eliminates stray currents concerns, unlike steel.

5) 100-Year Design Life – BluGeo GRP can be part of a permanent solution for face stabilisation and ground support projects.


BluGeo GRP60 Product ImageBluGeo GRP60
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BluGeo GRP Cablex - S Product ImageBluGeo GRP Cablex – S
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