As the Australian industry leader in tunnel waterproofing and concrete solutions, we are proud of the reputation that we've forged over recent years. However, as the environment that our partners operate in continues to change, we must adapt our products to ensure that they are always top of the pile.

Take our BluCem HS200 as a prime example. The one-component cementitious powder forms a high strength pumpable grout with the simple addition of water. Ideal as a PT Cable Grout, we've developed this product over several years and stand by its advantages and use in the tunnelling industry.

In this article, we will discuss where the BluCem HS200 is best suited and the many benefits of this leading offering.

Important information regarding BluCem products

It is crucial to note that all cementitious grout products in the BluCem range are produced for specific purposes. Each contains multiple additives that offer unique characteristics to ensure that the finish is solid and long-lasting.

If you wish to learn more about what each BluCem product does and where it can be best used, it is recommended to contact Bluey. Depending on your requirements and operating environment, we'll be able to match a product to get the job done right the first time.

Where can HS200 be used to maximum affect?

After years of testing and research, we've designed the BluCem HS200 product to be used for grouting post tension steel cables. In addition to this, it can be used in many other applications where high tensile steel is used.

As we understand, strength around bridges and tunnels is imperative so applying the HS200 as a grout is the ideal solution for the best final result.


  • No aluminium or other metallic expansion agents

Hydrogen embrittlement can result in a loss of ductility which makes the concrete brittle and weak. As such, this product does not include any chemicals that could cause this phenomenon.

  • High early strength

This type of grout is designed to hydrate quicker thus speeding up the entire concrete process. Ideal when time  frames are tight.

  • Workable for several hours

The HS200 is extremely workable with great pumpability. As a result, the grout can be used over the course of the day when the worksite is busy and crowded.

  • Unique additives

As mentioned above, each BluCem product includes several unique additives designed specifically for the application. In this case, the HS200's chemicals minimise shrinkage and bleed to ensure a top-quality finish around PT steel cables.

Want to learn more?

For further information about the BluCem HS200 or any other Bluey product, contact our expert team today.

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