One of the true benefits for construction businesses working with Bluey is the fact that the majority of our products can be used in tandem with each other. While this is good from a convenience point-of-view, it also means that firms can be confident that all the different processes work well together and can provide a comprehensive outcome.

A prime example of this is the BluGeo GRP60. The Glass-Fibre Reinforced Plastic solid bar forms a high load carrying capacity ground anchor and soil nail. However, its true highlight is that it has been designed to work perfectly with our wide range of BluCem grout products.

In this product description, we'll discuss where the BluGeo GRP60 is of most use and its advantages over similar examples in the market.

Where is it best used?

In a similar fashion to most Bluey products, the BluGeo GRP60 is can be utilised across many different applications. This includes temporary and permanent face stabilisation, slope stabilisation, ground support and systematic rock bolting.

It can also come in handy when extra durability or easy application is needed over simpler, traditional anchoring systems. If construction businesses are looking for a solution that can handle any conditions or environments, look no further than the BluGeo GRP60.


There are many advantages to the BluGeo GRP60 – ideal for many applications. Below we've listed the top five:

  1. Flexibility – Thanks to our industry-leading technology, the ground anchor and soil nail are very flexible and are equipped to manage considerable weights and stresses.
  2. Easy handling and light weight – While the product is very strong, it's extremely light weight and simple to handle. This is ideal on busy construction sites.
  3. High tensile strength – Consistent testing and research enable Bluey to offer a high tensile strength product that can deliver on expectations and provide excellent outcomes.
  4. High corrosion resistance – It is fair to say that some environments promote corrosive properties, but as a result of our dedication, the BluGeo GRP60 is highly resistant to this issue.
  5. Permanent applications – Not only can this product be used in temporary applications, it can be part of a permanent solution to face stabilisation and ground support.

Interested in this product?

Our expert team is always happy to help with the selection of your products. If you wish to learn more about this product or any other Bluey offering, contact us today.


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