In the civil engineering industry, time is often the enemy. Whether your team only has a short window to complete their waterproofing tasks before another business comes in or the stakeholder is looking to return the infrastructure to early service, you must meet these deadlines.

When time is of the essence, your civil engineering business needs a grout that becomes strong rapidly and can allow your team to finish tasks up to standard and against the clock. This is where BluCem HE80 can be of use

The one component cementitious powder is part of Bluey's industry leading BluCem product line of cement grouts and mortars and can add value to any concrete repair application. Read on to learn more about this innovative product and its advantages over the competition.

What is BluCem HE80?

As mentioned above, the grout exhibits both high durability and high ultimate strengths – unique to this particular product. The fast setting durable grout is specially designed to infrastructure where there is a need for quick strength. 

This could be anywhere from a wastewater or sewage setting to a high-end infrastructure project in a road or rail tunnel. Our helpful team of consultants are more than to happy to discuss your project in more detail and recommend individual products.

Associated benefits of BluCem HE80

This Type C Class, chloride-free grout offers civil engineering businesses a number of advantages. Here is a selection of just two:

  • Great pumpability

If time is tight, professionals need a grout that is easy to apply and to work with. This is how the BluCem HE80 has been designed and is another example of how our products work to given situations.

  • Chemical breakdown

We understand that chloride and sulphate can cause issues in the underground environment. As such, we've incorporated special additives to improve its resistance.

To learn more about this product or any other Bluey offering, contact our expert team today.


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