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A second TBM has reached its destination.

Maria completes Sydney Metro Northwest journey

TBM Maria has reached the end of her journey as she spun through the last of the concrete at Epping, following in the footsteps of TBM Isabelle.

Bluey can help with time-sensitive civil engineering projects.

Early strength key for quick turnarounds

The BluCem HE80 can provide all the required grout answers when your civil engineering project is racing against the clock.

Priming a location is key before engineering work starts.

Prime with confidence – the BluCem AP10

It is important to select the right primer for the correct civil engineering application. Read on to learn about the BluCem AP10.

Water has hampered efforts on Westfield's new mall.

Leaky roof slows progress on World Trade Centre mall

New York’s World Trade Centre Transportation Hub has been hampered by a leaky roof which as delayed opening of the mall until next year.

Cracked concrete can become a major problem.

Concrete topping to industry-leading standards

The BluCem RF20 is ideal for a number of applications including levelling concrete floors and resurfacing rain damaged slabs.

Civil engineering projects need quality material solutions.

Light weight mortar with knockout potential

The BluCem HB30 product is designed to assist in high quality architectural repair finishes in relation to the reinstatement of reinforced concrete.

Adelaide's new tunnel is closer to construction.

O-Bahn bus tunnel one step closer to construction

The O-Bahn bus track tunnel in Adelaide is another step closer with two local businesses named for the design and building of the project.

Planning to use the best products is a great first step for engineers.

Adding grout value with BluCem HS400

The BluCem HS400 is Bluey Technologies’ industry-leading thixotropic cementitious grout. Read on to learn more about this product.

Civil engineering is all about productivity standards.

BluCem HB55: Dry-spray shotcrete with a practical difference

There are many advantages to using a sprayable cementitious shotcrete such as BluCem HB55. Read on to learn about this product in more detail.

Barbarians should be avoided at all costs.

Beware the Barbarian on your next project

Barbarian salesmen cause a lot of problem in the civil engineering industry. How can you avoid the hype and ensure you don’t get caught in their trap?

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