Bluey Technologies is known in the industry as the most innovative manufacturer and supplier of construction products for major civil engineering works. Our success, however, relies on more than our products and industry knowledge.

Largely, our success is due to our strong partnerships with suppliers and customers. We’ve teamed up with some of Australia’s leading construction material and supply companies which allows us a strong product base from which we can then add a ‘touch of Bluey’ and provide competitive, customised solutions for customers.

An example of this was the project partnership with EpiMax for the Goro Nickle Mine in New Caledonia. Goro represents one of the largest nickel reserves in New Caledonia, which produces 25% of world nickel reserves.

Several FRP reagent tanks needed to be grouted to the concrete slab foundations. The FRP tanks, which were up to 14 metres in diameter, only had a void of up to 25mm from tank to the foundation.

Bluey and EpiMax tackled the problem jointly by developing a customised epoxy grout with high strength, low viscosity, non-shrink, precision long life characteristics and supplied it over a six week period. Daniel Bosco (Bluey Founder & MD) quickly developed the final grout engineering parameters while Max Simmons (Founder & MD of EpiMax) translated these into the matching epoxy chemistry formulations.

Once the work was completed, the tanks were placed into service with minimal disruption.

The project was a classic example of what the Bluey cattle dog means to us. Continuously partnering with the industry to support it, promoting mateship, loyalty and reliability wherever possible.

Speaking with Max, he said that…

“the fact that both our companies share common business values, both internally and externally, makes working together seamless. We see it as ‘what adds value to what’, not ‘who reports to whom’.”

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