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Bluey Technologies have a speciality in refurbishing concrete.

Why is sewer repair so important in this day and age?

Australia’s sewer systems are among the best in the world, but even they need a little tender loving care every now and then. Bluey Technologies can help.

Basement waterproofing: An art in protection

While many people in the construction industry associate Bluey with just tunnelling, it isn’t the only sector that we are experienced in. At first glance, basements aren’t similar to tunnels in shape, scope, dimension or even use, but when water is involved, the consequences are very similar indeed. As civil engineers, we at Bluey have

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Importance of safe coordination in tunnelling infrastructure

Tunnelling in any situation is a challenging task. Bluey has seen many of these issues first-hand, having worked in tunnel waterproofing for nearly 15 years.

Ground stabilisation is a problem across Australia.

Where does the BluGeo GRP60 fit into the equation?

One of the true benefits for construction businesses working with Bluey is the fact that the majority of our products can be used in tandem with each other.

BluCem HS200 is an ideal solution in a range of applications.

BluCem HS200: More than just a grout

Bluey Technologies’ BluCem HS200 grout is an ideal solution that can be applied to a range of applications and project requirements.

Bluey's new, low-profile bolts are the latest innovation in tunnel-support technology.

Bluey redefines tunnel rock support

Bluey Technologies introduces its new, low-profile bolts – the BluGeo CF Rock Bolt and LP Rock Bolt – which deliver a number of benefits for any project.

Auckland’s Waterview Tunnel Waterproofing Solution

Bluey Technologies has been proudly delivering waterproofing products and solutions for the Waterview Tunnel in Auckland over the past two years. Our work has included design, procurement, project management and installation of membrane and compression seals to the TBM cross-passages.

Wynyard Walk will be an exceptional piece of infrastructure.

Wynyard Walk – the role of Bluey Technologies

Bluey was heavily involved in the tunnel waterproofing portion of Sydney’s Wynyard Walk project. Read on to learn more about the process.

The roof goes up at ICC Sydney with a little help from BluCem grouting.

The roof goes up at ICC Sydney

ICC Sydney draws closer to completion with the installation of the centre’s roof. Bluey’s BluCem HS200 plays a large role in supporting the new roof. 

Civil engineers should benefit from the many new bridge projects.

Bridges Renewal Programme sparks civil engineering boom

The Bridges Renewal Programme is a vital part of keeping Australian infrastructure both safe and productive for the future.

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