Sydney’s North-West is predicted to have an additional half a million residents by 2040. Population growth at this rate means that utility infrastructure is one of the hottest topics in the region for the civil engineering industry.

For this project, Sydney Water is looking to “adopt some of the most trusted and reliable technologies that will make the water treatment process more sustainable, cost-efficient and effective over the long-term.”

That’s where BluSeal AKS comes in…

BluSeal AKS has a design life exceeding 100 years, which is a highly regarded benefit as the mindset of the public shifts towards long-term, sustainable solutions. This durability, which is a key feature of BluSeal AKS, comes from the use of highest quality HDPE resins which are proven to have the best possible resistance to acid attack. This makes the BluSeal AKS liner more capable of lasting when faced with corrosive environments and harsh conditions that will be present in the coming decades at the St Marys facility.

Bluey has been working closely with Willcen and Sydney Water on the project. Speaking to Adrian Willingham (of Willcen) he noted that “Despite being a plastic, which people consider to be typically soft, BluSeal AKS performs better than concrete in abrasion and resistance tests. This is due to the long chain polymers which hold together better than many other surfaces as grit and other particles scour across the floors and walls of the facility. Sewage treatment facilities are incredibly harsh environments for concrete, both in relation to the chemicals and what is flushed down in the pipelines, but full marks to how well the BluSeal AKS has been performing over the past 20-30 years.”

Daniel Bosco, Managing Director of Bluey, commented that “BluSeal AKS has many distinct advantages over epoxy-based coatings as a long-term solution. We expect that all BluSeal AKS linings that have been installed by Bluey applicators over the past two decades will be in place for many generations to appreciate.”

We will keep readers updated on the progress of the project in the coming months. To learn more about BluSeal AKS, its additional benefits and other applications contact the team at Bluey on 1300 0 BLUEY.

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