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Ensuring TBM Compression Gaskets Resist Natural Groundwater Pressure

Until recently, terminating cross-passage membranes to TBM segments had been one of the unsolved mysteries of tunnelling. Thanks to recent innovations in gaskets and pressure terminations, all hydrostatic forces can be resisted to ensure they meet the ‘no damp patches’ specification. The most challenging part of any cross-passage termination is ensuring the membrane connects and […]

Conference Report: Australasian Tunnelling Society 2020+1

  The Australasian Tunnelling Society Biennial Conference was held at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre from 10th-13th May 2021. With more than 50 exhibitors and 440 delegates (70 from New Zealand), the conference was well attended. On the morning of the first day of the Conference, Bluey Site Engineer Victor Ngo gave a presentation […]

3 Features Which Have Increased ZeoGlass’ Design Life in Sewers from 15 Years to 40 Years

When combined, the three features below extend BluCem ZeoGlass’ design life for up to 3 times as long as regular OPC shotcretes. 1) Corrosion Resistant Recycled Glass BluCem ZeoGlass is unique in that more than 50% of the mix is recycled by-products, including glass aggregate which is totally inert to corrosion in acid sewer environments. […]

Developing Membrane Termination Solutions to Deal with 3 Way Curvature in Cross Passages

Over the past 20 years, Bluey has completed waterproofing on hundreds of cross-passages, all of which have met the ‘no damp patches’ specification for rail infrastructure. All cross-passage entrances have curvature in three planes, making membrane installation, steel fixing and concreting far more complex than other tunnelling applications. The geometry adds particular challenges for the […]

How to Apply a Structural Shotcrete Liner and A Protective Coating in A Single Step

In the past, relining a highly acid environment has required two essential steps: 1) A layer of structural shotcrete is applied to improve the asset’s overall strength. 2) A sacrificial CAC protective coating is applied to ensure the structure’s durability by resisting sulphuric acid and other highly corrosive chemicals. The interchanging of teams, machinery and […]

Shrinkage Part 3: How to Achieve Shrinkage Compensation

Successful shrinkage compensation coincides with each phase of shrinkage. In other words, the magnitude of expansion and the timing of occurrence should be equivalent to the predicted shrinkage for each stage of the grout or concrete’s life. To achieve shrinkage compensation, we use a variety of  techniques and products.         1. Reducing […]

Shrinkage: Part 2 – Selecting the Right Test Method to Measure Shrinkage

We are sure that you have heard the term ‘non-shrink grout’ and it is often backed up by the term Class C or a reference to ASTM C621. What Do These Terms Mean? Well for a start, there is no such thing as ‘non-shrink grout’ and further to that, ASTM C621 doesn’t even exist! It […]

Shrinkage: Part 1 – The Causes of Concrete Shrinkage

Failure to account for the causes of concrete shrinkage can lead to tension, cracks or even result in failure of the whole structure.   In the next three-part blog series, we’ll take a detailed look at shrinkage and how we compensate against it to deliver consistent, controlled products in all temperatures and conditions. What is […]

“We Operate Like A Formula One Pit Crew, But for Fast Set Concrete” – Nick A, NA Group

The current aeroplane curfew for most Australian International Airports is from 11pm to 6am. This means that critical works such as runway slab replacements must be painstakingly planned and executed to ensure the runway can be returned to service and be capable of supporting aeroplanes within a seven-hour window. Nick Agromopolous, Director for NA Group, […]

Stronger Together – MBCC Group acquires Bluey Technologies

  At a time when MB Solutions Australia was re-establishing itself in Australia as a market leader for specialty construction chemicals, Bluey was also looking for ways to continue its expansion and support its growth efforts both locally and abroad. The solution for both companies has come in the form of an acquisition that was […]

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