Waterproofing & Linings

Sydney Water Is Implementing Trusted Technology At The New St Marys Treatment Plant

Sydney’s North-West is predicted to have an additional half a million residents by 2040. Population growth at this rate means that utility infrastructure is one of the hottest topics in the region for the civil engineering industry. For this project, Sydney Water is looking to “adopt some of the most trusted and reliable technologies that […]

What if Concrete was Protected Before it was Placed?

Ever since the introduction of high-performance concrete protection coating in the 80s and 90s, the industry has accepted the order of operations as the following: By questioning the industry’s status-quo, Bluey has redefined the entire concrete protection process. The idea of protecting concrete prior to placement reduces the previous order of operations to just 2 […]

Before vs After – Bluey Goes Where the Sun Don’t Shine

Many of the engineering solutions that we supply at Bluey Technologies only happen to be seen by a select few people. The work that our approved installers do is remarkable, however, because it’s completed underground or behind construction hoarding our partners and other stakeholders don’t always get to see how our products are making a difference. […]

100 year design life waterproofing systems

Bluey recently supplied waterproofing in the basement of a new block of high end apartments where a leak free outcome was imperative. Bluey offered engineering and technical assistance to our approved contractor to provide a full suite of solutions that achieved design specifications. During the design stages of the project Bluey discussed the various options […]

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