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Underwater Grouting

Infrastructure remains one of the most important aspects of the Australian economy. Regardless of whether this is in relation to residential, civil or commercial construction, there is no doubt that our cities are expanding, providing outstanding opportunities for civil engineers.

A consequence of this growth is that there are more examples of civil engineers working within tricky environments. This could include underwater, in sewers or near other corrosive chemicals. Take underwater applications, for example.

Building underwater assets around piles, dams, slipways or pillars requires products built to last, capable of providing ideal outcomes for both civil engineering businesses and clients. This is certainly where Bluey Technologies can be of assistance.

As a well-known and respected part of the Australian civil engineering landscape, we have the technology and expertise to support your underwater grouting needs. As one of our four leading business areas, we are constantly working to provide the ideal solutions to ensure every angle is covered.

What underwater grouting does Bluey specialise in?

Over the past decades, we have built a solid knowledge of underwater grouting applications in the Asia-Pacific civil engineering sector. As such, when businesses need a grout for saline and sulphate conditions, we have the tools and products to support project goals.

One product especially designed for filling voids and general underwater grouting is the BluCem HS60 UW. This popular offering is perfect for use across many underwater environments including:

  • Piles
  • Dams
  • Slipways
  • Pillars
  • Wharves

What is the BluCem HS60 UW?

Due to the different environmental conditions, pressures and requirements underwater, civil engineers need a solution which ticks all the boxes. The BluCem HS60 UW is a one component cementitious powder blend that, once mixed with water, forms an underwater repair grout.

There are many advantages of the BluCem HS60 UW. Here are a few to note:

  • High early strength and low permeability – Designed to ensure hardened grout lasts the 100-year guarantee.
  • Unique additives – Mixed with quality chemicals to minimise grout shrinkage and bleed upon installation.
  • Non corrosive – In environments where steel or iron are present, the BluCem HS60 UW does not cause rusting.
  • Anti wash-out properties – To ensure the grout is not compromised by water, this product offers unique features to displace water.

Of course, it is vital for civil engineers to understand whether this product is suitable and how it can be applied in the right manner. Again, this is where Bluey Technologies can add value to your operations.

Before an underwater grouting project begins, our expert team of civil engineers can assess the environment and gather relevant information on the task. From this point, these professionals can provide their opinions and recommend what product is suitable and how it should be applied.

With project budgets and timelines tight, making sure BluCem HS60 UW is appropriate should be a top priority.

Going the extra mile

We understand the demands of the civil engineering industry. As such, we provide a full end-to-end service for our customers to make sure their projects go off without a hitch.

Across every underwater grouting project, we offer a range of services. This includes:

  • Surface preparation
  • Mixing methods
  • Equipment selection application
  • Onsite testing

We support every step of your journey and endeavour to match key project expertise with products that are tested and designed to make a difference. With this in mind, make the right choice in choosing Bluey Technologies on your next underwater grouting project.

For more information about our grouting solutions or the BluCem HS60 UW, feel free to contact our helpful team today.

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