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Tunnel Support

Across all civil engineering applications, project managers must be smart in the way they operate. With budget and timeline pressures presenting constant headaches, these professionals need solutions that add value to projects and provide productive, safe environments.

One area of civil engineering that requires quality products and services is tunnel support. In any setting, tunnels are exposed to myriad elements which can impact a project’s longevity; with water and chemicals two major concerns.

As such, adequate ground support solutions are required. As a dedicated part of the civil engineering industry, we at Bluey Technology understand the challenges of building tunnels and having the products and technical knowledge to assist this process.

From the initial design phase to full implementation, our team of civil engineers can apply our industry-leading products to make the difference on your next project. Of course, Bluey Technologies professionals work alongside your team, acting as a trusted providers of both tunnel support and wider civil engineering knowledge.

Analysing current problems in the market

Tunnel infrastructure continues to develop, but in our experience, the tunnel bolting solutions on the market do not live up to standard. It’s vital that civil engineers can trust products to not only maintain functionality in the short term but also last for decades into the future.

In recent times, we’ve witnessed these issues:

  • Unsafe manual handling of plates
  • Wasted shotcrete to cover tails
  • Additional excavation required for cover
  • Water leakage around bolt heads

In developing our own offerings, the product development team remained close to the industry, testing tunnel bolts and getting the opinions of civil engineers across the board. This has allowed us to produce the BluGeo LP Tunnel Bolt, designed with productivity and efficiency in mind.

BluGeo LP Tunnel Bolt – the key details

The BluGeo LP Tunnel Bolt is a low profile head for both permanent and temporary fixture for tunnelling infrastructure. Designed to be used in tandem with both the BluCem grout system and BluGeo resin products, the LP tunnel bolt is a true step up in rock bolting technology.

If applied in the correct manner and with the right products, tunnel bolts can meet and exceed 100 year durability requirements. As such, if your civil engineering business is looking for a temporary or permanent tunnel support option, there is no looking past the BluGeo LP Tunnel Bolt.

Here are a couple of its advantages:

  • Easy installation and grouting – Time is of the essence during tunnel construction, so civil engineers need a simple, but effective solution. With complete jumbo installation, this process can be completed on schedule.
  • High tensile strength – The BluGeo LP tunnel bolt is strong in design and can provide superior tunnel support.
  • Range of availability – Depending on your project requirements, LP tunnel bolts are available in black, galvanised or stainless steel grades.
  • Low Profile head – 30mm from rock (no tail) allows civil engineers to control the tunnel infrastructure in a safe manner.
  • Increased fire resistance – While rare, fire is a hazard that civil engineers must be aware of in tunnels. If this event did occur, the tunnel bolts are protected.

Working with Bluey

At Bluey, tunnel support is certainly a priority. As such, if you work with us on your next tunnel bolt related project, there are a number of benefits. This includes:

  • Dedicated Bluey and Jennmar
  • Employees for the project
  • Co-ordinate deliveries and stock
  • Quality assurance paperwork
  • Site testing of bolts
  • Dedicated project truck for deliveries

For more information about our tunnel support products and technical knowledge, feel free to get in contact with us today.

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