In 2020, we began hosting live webinars to connect with like-minded people across the planet, in the hopes of teaching people about the various areas of the civil engineering materials industry. The online events, allow people to gain CPD hours and learn while working in a variety of environments.

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Basement & Tunnel Waterproofing Basics

GRP Soil Nailing & Rock Bolting

Fast Set Concrete Technology

Injection Waterproofing Systems

COVID-19 Industry Update

HDPE Corrosion Protection Liners

GRP Ground Anchors

Fluid Grouts for Post-Tensioning & More

Waterproofing TBM Cross Passages

Recycled & Acid Resistant Shotcrete

Basement Waterproofing Procedures

Maturity Testing w Dan Rowley

Mates In Construction w Brad Parker, CEO

Defective Concrete & Repair Strategies

Resin Epoxy Technology w Max Simmons

Grout & Mortar Shrinkage

Pumping & Mixing Cementitious Products

Meet the Brisbane Team

Concrete Joints & Sealing Systems

Grouts with Low Thermal Resistivity

Dry & Wet Mix Shotcrete

The Use of Fast Set Grouts & Mortars

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