The BluCem LH60 is a deep pour engineered grout available as part of Bluey Technologies Pty Ltd's BluCem range. This particular product is able to be used as part of many applications and has played a major role in many civil construction projects across the country.

As a result, BluCem LH60 is regarded as a quality product that can add real value to a project when used in the right conditions.

In this article, we will give a brief description of the product, its grout properties and outline its main advantages.

What is the BluCem LH60 product?

With the simple addition of water, the BluCem LH60 one component cementitious powder forms a low heat, non-shrink, free flowing micro concrete.

Designed to produce low heat of hydration for the reinstatement of large structural sections of concrete or smaller sections in hard to reach locations, this product is perfect for specific applications and uses.

BluCem LH60 is fully shrinkage compensated which means we balance the shrinkage with specialist additives. However, we also have additives in there that even over very large sections won't get hotter than around 30-35 degrees Celsius. That means when it cools back down to ambient, there is only a 10-15 degree difference.

Standard grouts and mortars in these circumstances may reach 100 or 120 degrees, leading to substantial shrinkage.

BlueCem LH60 advantages

There are many advantages of this product that make it ideal as a deep pour grout. This include:

  • Lower exothermic reaction – Due to the chemical makeup of the cementitious powder, the end result is a reduced exothermic reaction. This lends itself to deeper pour sections or other similar applications.
  • Low risk of alkali-silica reaction (ASR) – ASRs are caused by the combination of hydroxyl ions and the reactive forms of silica in the aggregate. This results in a gel which grows in volume through water and exerts significant pressure. That then causes the concrete to fail or crack.
  • Very low permeability and electrical resistivity – From a safety perspective, it is important to note that this product has a very low electrical resistibility. As a result, it is perfect for applications of electro-chemical repair and use with cathodic protection.

Next step?

For more information on the BluCem LH60 or on the range of other Bluey offerings on our website, give our expert team a call today.


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