Tunnelling projects are always complex because of the range of environmental and structural factors. In these situations, one oversight can compromise the entire operation.

With this in mind, it is important to use a product that can prevent water inflow and provide sound asset protection, which is where the BluSeal Tunnel Liner comes in handy.

After installation and welding operation completed by one of our approved expert installers, this synthetic membrane of plasticised PVC or VLDPE sheet form a flexible and strong tunnel membrane. This ensures that the work to date is well protected and any water is sealed off.

Applications of the BluSeal Tunnel Liner

One of the true benefits of this highly developed product from Bluey is its ability to be used in a range of applications. From cross passages, shafts, cut and cover tunnels, bored and driven tunnels and underground structures – this product can line and add value to the finished product.

As it is also available in a range of thicknesses – our tunnel liner product can be of use in a range of performance applications. Contact our expert team today for more information on this point.

It is also hard to argue with the fact that Bluey’s Tunnel Liner comes with the certainty of 100 year durability. This means that we stand by our product and understand how important it can be to your tunnel project.

Advantages of the BluSeal Tunnel Liner

As with all of Bluey’s highly regarded products, there are a number of advantages to the BluSeal Tunnel Liner product. This includes:

  • Exceptional waterproofing performance – The tunnel environment is generally exposed to high water pressures and needs to have every aspect of the waterproofing detailed to combat these pressures.
  • Long term durability – As mentioned earlier, this product is developed with the future in mind. This is why we offer a product with certainty of a 100 year design life.
  • High tear strength and elongation – We are very proud of our tunnel liner due to the fact it is strong – even in the toughest of environments. The combination of high tear strength and elongation offers materials of very high toughness.

For a full list of advantages or view the Bluey Tunnel Liner technical data sheet, click on the link here. If you wish to enquire more about this product or any of the other offering in the BluSeal range – contact our expert team today.

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