Polyurethane liquid is used in a number of different environments – with the civil engineering industry one of the most common. As water is a constant issue, stopping this flow is yet another way that polyurethane resins add value to the sector.

As such, Bluey Technologies has worked hard in recent years to develop a water stopping polyurethane resin that can play a critical role in many projects and be the point of difference on site. In fact, our BluRez CSW resin is a result of this research and is a two-component catalysed polyurethane liquid that forms a water reactive injection resin.

Where can the BluRez CSW be used?

Bluey is proud of the fact that this product can be used in a range of environments and purposes. From stopping water seepage or consolidating loose rocks to grouting in both ground seepage and running water, this resin is definitely a game changer for the civil engineering industry.

As such, the BluRez CSW adds value to embankment, dam and retaining-wall projects where battling with water is an ongoing issue. If your business is looking for a solution that is simple to use, easy to source and cost-effective, contact the expert Bluey team for more information on this product.

What are the BluRez CSW's advantages?

Apart from its fast-reactive nature and excellent water-stopping properties, it is important to mention the many other benefits of this product. 

  • Fast Reaction Time

The BluRez CSW reacts with water in a matter of seconds and has an ability to stop high water inflows.  This makes the product ideal for sealing leaks under high pressure in tunnels and basements.

  • Ability to work into sand

Sand is a substance that can be quite difficult to work with, particularly below the water table where it can become unstable and fluid. However, the BluRez CSW is easily penetrated into this environment creating a medium strength composite rock.

  • Elasticity 

Depending on the environment and movement from rocks, concrete or water, any resin that is used needs to be elastic to accommodate this movement. This is exactly what this product does and can react positively to any unexpected changes in the ground or foundation.

  • Adhesion properties

We understand that our resins will be used in contact with both mineral and metallic surfaces, so have designed it in a way that promotes adhesion across each of these. This is an important property and something that makes this product stand out from the competition.

For more information on this product, or any other offering from the BluRez range, contact our expert consultancy team today.


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