In addition to our premier range of BluCem grouting products, we also have a range of offerings that can add even more value to your civil engineering project.

Working alongside the BluCem range is the BluGeo Strata Tunnel Bolt – a product that has been designed to negotiate the toughest of Australian conditions and delivering to a high standard every time.

The innovative design of our bolts, including our low profile nut option which protrudes less than 40mm from the excavated face, can save substantial time and money for your project.  In addition, as this product can be used with the BluCem grout systems, Bluey can guarantee that it will meet and exceed the 100-year durability test – ensuring a quality product for a polished finish.

What are the specifications of the BluGeo Strata Tunnel Bolt?

Incorporating double corrosion protection and a grout-injection head, the BluGeo Strata Tunnel Bolt is useful due to a number of its unique features. We have options for both mechanical point anchored, or resin anchored which deliver a range of quality solutions depending on the ground type and project needs.

It is important to note that our range of bolts can be sourced in stainless steel, black or galvanised in both the HT and HTX grades as required.  We also have GRP options available for permanent and temporary solutions.

Where can the BluGeo Strata Tunnel Bolt add value?

The BluGeo Strata Tunnel Bolt can be used in a range of civil engineering situations, but its common application is in tunnels, ensuring temporary or permanent rockbolting.

Tunnel bolts essentially transfer load into the strong rock mass surrounding the infrastructure. Rock bolt technology has progressed sustainably in recent years and Bluey is committed to improving our products as required.

With this thought in mind, our BluGeo Strata Tunnel Bolt is an industry leader and is highly valued by all the civil engineering businesses that use it. Here are just four of its stand-out advantages:

1) High tensile strength – For a product to work well in the tunnel environment, it needs to be strong and able to stand the test of time against high pressures.

2) Double corrosion protection – With water always causing havoc in tunnels, rust is a concern that needs to be managed. At Bluey, we have addressed this and have designed the product with a double layer of corrosion protection.

3) Permanent applications – As mentioned above, the BluGeo Strata Tunnel Bolt can be used in permanent applications, ensuring strong performance over a century of movement, corrosion and pressure.

4) Easy installation and grouting – Bluey is happy to support any civil engineering business installing or working with either the BluGeo Strata Tunnel Bolt or the BluCem grout range.

Contact us today for more information on this product or any other offerings in our range.

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