As one of the leading civil engineering suppliers in Australia, Bluey Technologies is committed to providing products for every condition and situation in the civil and tunnelling industry.

We are continually improving our offerings to ensure that your business can finish projects to the standard required by key stakeholders and clients.

However, with so many products on the market, it is important to know which one can add value to your next project.

In this article, we'll focus on the BluCem HB55 – a sprayable cementitious shotcrete – which is changing the way companies reinstate both old and new structures.

What is BluCem HB55?

Part of our popular BluCem range, the HB55 is a single component powder product which is designed for dry-spraying.

In a field where anyone can put cement and aggregate in a bag and call it shotcrete, BluCem HB55 differentiates itself as a stand out performer at exceptional value for money.

Where can it be used?

Sprayable repair mortars such as BluCem HB55 are used to either reinstate damaged concrete members or to build new concrete structural elements. 

It is suitable for overhead, vertical or horizontal applications. Due to its extremely low permeability and high resistance to sulphate and chemical attack, makes it the right choice for applications in aggressive environments.

Benefits of the BluCem HB55

There are many advantages of this sprayable cementitious shotcrete which can provide peace of mind that the project has been finished to the highest standard. Here are three examples.

1) Specialised spraying

As contractors are spraying the mortar onto the concrete, there are several considerations to take into account.

Firstly, the mortar has minimal rebound and low dust emissions to protect the environment and your team. Secondly, it can be built up overhead in layers up to 300mm thick in one pass. These two considerations create time and labour savings for the project.

2) Engineering properties

BluCem HB55 is a leader in its field in terms of compressive and flexural strengths developed at an early age. This means quick cycle times and an early return to service on time critical projects.

3) Long term durability

Bluey understands and respects the issues that create longevity for assets. Extremely low permeability slow the penetration of contaminants and is the first defence when it comes to long term performance.

Low shrinkage, chloride penetration resistance and electrical resistivity are also important considerations. Not only does BluCem HB55 tick all the boxes in terms of these tests, the product exceeds the industry norm and provides a product all engineers and asset owners can rely upon.

For more information about the BluCem HB55 or any other product in the BluCem range, contact our expert team today.

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