During an important tunnel or civil engineering project, having supplies and products that can add value to your efforts is invaluable. Why waste your time with an unsafe, unproven, inconsistent product, when Bluey has been developing and testing high quality grouts together with Australia's leading experts for many years?

A great example of this premise is the BluCem HS400. Part of our leading BluCem range of cement grouts and mortars, the HS400 is a thixotropic cementitious grout formed from the addition of water to one component ordinary portland cement (OPC) powder.

Being thixotropic, the product will remain in a gel state until it is mixed or pump where it becomes very flowable. What this means for your project is that it can be pumped into a bolt hole, or rock cavity but will defy gravity once in place. This makes it ideal for top-down bolt grouting and void filling for critical applications.

Who uses HS400?

HS400 is the go-to product of choice for all tunnel builders and civil engineers. It has been used on all major recent tunnel infrastructure projects including North West Rail Line, Tintenbar to Ewingsdale, Wynyard Walk and the M2 Widening Project.

All testing and trials are therefore already in place for your benefit where it is widely accepted by designers and asset owners as a suitable and reliable product ready for approval.

Where can BluCem HS400 add value?

The BluCem HS400 has been developed by industry-leading professionals who have in-depth knowledge of the demands and requirements of the civil engineering industry. As such, your business can trust this product to perform every time it is used.

It's designed especially for top-down grouting of long tendons and overhead bolts. However, any situation where gravity forces and resist flow are issues, the HS400 can pump under pressure. This makes the product extremely durable and applicable in many civil engineering applications.

The grout can be used in wet and highly fractured ground and will provide the most reliable bolt encasement in difficult circumstances. This benefit will no doubt save time and money on any project.

Benefits of BluCem HS400

Apart from being a thixotropic and highly pumpable grout, there are many other benefits to the BluCem HS400 which make it a popular product across the industry. These include:

  • Unique chemical compound

BluCem HS400 does not contain aluminium or any other metallic expansion agents. Gasses which would usually be formed by reaction of aluminium powders cause hydrogen embrittlement which can cause catastrophic failure of high tensile steel tendons such as cables and bolts.

  • 10 per cent silica fume

Again, chemical makeup of this grout brings another benefit – durability. Featuring 10 per cent silica fume, the BluCem HS400 is perfect for use with high tensile steel. This creates a very dense cured grout which, when combined with the highly alkaline environment, will ensure that your bolt performs for more than 100 years.

For more information about the advantages of this product or any other supplies on the Bluey Technology range, contact our expert team today.

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