Packaging Innovations

Going against the status-quo has always been the Bluey way. We’ve worked hard with our partners over the years to create new opportunities and differentiate ourselves from the competition, by not competing with it. Whether it’s a new engineering solution or the development of a new product, we’re always drawn to doing things a little differently to add value to our customer’s projects.

Compostable Cement Bags
Following two years of research and development, in January 2020, we began overhauling the entire BluCem bagged product line, switching to Australia’s first 100% compostable cement bag. The switch to the compostable bags means that the annual 250,000+ plastic bags will no longer be added to landfill.

Our compostable cement bags have undergone a Biodegradability Assessment, conducted by the CSIRO. The testing has been successful and concurs with AS 4736 as well as EN 14332. The bags progressively breakdown over 12 weeks.

“It is not about being eco-friendly, green, or otherwise making a bold political statement. It is just a very small step toward ensuring that when we are gone, nobody will know that we were here”. – Daniel Bosco, Director.

Dissolvable Cement Bags
Our dissolvable cement bags have been designed to break down in concrete agitators. These bags are made from water-soluble film, which holds cementitious additives to improve grout properties for specialised applications. The bags leave no pollutant residue and are a small step toward ensuring that when we’re gone, nobody will know that we were here.
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