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Structural Repairs

There’s an old saying that a project can be done quick, or it can be done well. While this sounds catchy, it’s a false choice – particularly when considering structural repair work.

Structural repairs – particularly for key infrastructure projects – must be completed in a rapid and lasting manner, and ideally within a certain budget range. Of course, achieving maximum durability can be difficult, particularly when working on repairs in aggressive environments. In other cases, prolonged working times can drastically increase the cost of repairs. The right tools, however, can enable effective structural repairs that don’t soar over budget.

The BluCem HB range

Recognising the need for materials that can overcome these obstacles, Bluey has developed the BluCem HB line of products; these cementitious shotcretes and mortars are ideally suited for structural repairs in difficult environments, without adding any on-site hassle.

With a product for any application, our BluCem HB range is able to provide a solution, no matter what conditions repairs are being conducted under. A variety of project repairs have effectively been completed using products in the BluCem HB line, including:

  • Bridge structures
  • Building facades and structures
  • Coal loading wharves
  • Liquefied natural gas and mining infrastructure
  • Marine piles
  • Retaining walls
  • Sea walls
  • Sewer infrastructure
  • Tunnel linings

The right product for the environment

Every project is different, so no one product is the right fit for every environment. As such, everything in our BluCem HB range is ideally suited to different needs and conditions.

Structural repairs for marine projects require mortar and shotcrete that are resistant to the elements – particularly seawater.

Made with special marine grade cements, BluCem HB50 and HB60 are ideally suited for structural repair work in tidal zones, where the abrasive saltwater and fluctuating water levels create a harsh and time-sensitive working environment.

For repairs with pour or trowel application, BluCem HB50 cementitious mortar provides rapid strength gain – 5 MPa in just two hours. The speed at which it reaches final set – 45 minutes- means a reduced risk of delays during small windows of opportunity for repair work.

BluCem HB60 shotcrete, on the other hand, is a sprayable mortar that boasts a strength of 25 MPa after two hours, as well as a final set time of 43 minutes. This quick-setting shotcrete is ideal when repairs in structural supports are needed.

For structural repairs in concrete that require a cost-effective shotcrete with a high-build capacity, BluCem HB55 is particularly effective. This cementitious shotcrete, made with Ordinary Portland Cement, works well for repairs in elements with a concrete strength over 40 MPa.

The products in the BluCem HB range are cementitious powder blends, meaning they just need to be mixed with water on site before use. This ease of use makes these products highly practical on site. While so many factors can make structural repairs more difficult, the working materials shouldn’t contribute to that trouble.

More than just quality materials

While our BluCem HB products offer durability, practicality, timeliness and cost-effectiveness, working with Bluey has a wider range of benefits.

As an industry leader in Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia, Bluey brings experience and expert knowledge to any project. Our engineers can provide consultation for a number of areas, including selecting the right materials, proper use, training and testing.

Our testing capabilities can be particularly useful for ensuring the success of any project. When using our BluCem HB range, we recommend that clients:

  • Have a structural engineer evaluate the concrete.
  • Test the concrete for chloride penetration and carbonation.
  • Make sure the surface has been adequately prepared through adhesion testing.
  • Perform compressive tests on repair mortar mixed on site.

For more information about how we can assist with your structural repair works, get in touch with Bluey today.

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