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Strata Support

When looking at layers of exposed bedrock, people can often see beautiful striations and colour changes as one line of rock gives way to the next. Known as strata, these layers are formed over vast time periods – deposited and changed by hydrologic, geologic and hydrologic processes.

While exposed strata can be truly picturesque, they also pose a risk for underground projects like mining and tunnelling – a risk that can be mitigated through strata support.

Effective strata support is a key component to ensuring safety in mining and tunnelling operations, as it can greatly reduce the potential of ceiling collapse and increases the useable lifespan of the excavation.

Bluey’s strata support solutions

Recognising the need for effective bolts in strata support measures, Bluey has a number of offerings in the BluGeo line of products, covering the wide range of different conditions that can be found on work sites in the region.

Since no two tunneling situations are the same, Bluey’s consultants can work with project managers to ensure that they select the right equipment for their specific needs.

BluGeo GRP60

Projects that require easy-to-install anchoring solutions can benefit greatly from the BluGeo GRP60 continuously threaded solid bar. Made from glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GRP), the GRP60 is lightweight for easy working and handling. It is also corrosive-resistant, enabling it to deliver a 100-year design life.

GRP60 bars are available chiefly in 25 and 32 millimetre diameters, though other sizes from 22 to 40 mm can be procured upon request. The bars also feature high ultimate tensile strength at 350kN and 560kN for the 25 and 32 mm bar, respectively.

As the GRP60 is constructed from plastic and glass fibres, it is not conductive – eliminating stray currents and further improving safety. The continuous thread also means that the bar can be cut down to necessary sizes without losing its efficacy or gripping ability.

BluGeo LP Rock Bolt – Low Profile Rock Bolt

One of the newest advances in tunnel bolting technology, the BluGeo LP Rock Bolt features a low-profile design that leads to significant cost savings. With a tail sitting less than 40 mm from the rock surface, only a nominal layer of shotcrete is needed for optimal coverage. This is thanks to the latest development in how the nut is attached to the bolt within the hole and capped off.

The LP Rock Bolt also offers increased durability with the low-profile design and double corrosion protection, leading to stronger fire resistance and a 100-year design life. Featuring a high tensile strength, the bolt also offers extra convenience for testing – the nut and plate don’t need to be removed first.

With these innovations, the LP Rock Bolt will prove to be an invaluable asset in the strata support needs for any project.

BluGeo CF Rock Bolt – Low Profile Cable Flexible Anchor

Yet another advance in tunnel bolting technology, is the BluGeo CF Rock Bolt which is a long strand cable anchor allowing flexibility for installation in tight environemnts. This bolt also features a low-profile design that leads to significant cost savings. The bolt is a whole new innovation of the existing double corrosion protection cable anchor where technology had not progressed for the past 30 years until now.

The CF Rock Bolt will save time and money on your next project.

How else can Bluey help?

Controlling strata depends on far more than just the right equipment; the right training and know-how is just as important.

Such training is even part of Safe Work Australia’s Code of Practice for Strata Control in Underground Coal Mines. The code notes that workers installing rock bolts for strata support should be properly trained in a number of areas, including:

  • Correct placement of bolts based on a strata support plan.
  • Accuracy in straightness, length and diameter when drilling bolt holes.
  • Cleanliness of drilled holes.
  • Proper mixing of resin and nut tightening.
  • Surface reinforcement measures.

With industry-leading experience, Bluey’s consultants can work to provide the necessary training to project workers, or lend their own expertise firsthand to a tunnelling endeavour.

For more information about how Bluey can assist with your project’s strata support needs, get in touch with us today.

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