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Soil and Rock Grouting

In general, many civil engineering problems will revolve around structural interactions with both soil and rock. The unpredictable nature of these elements means that any infrastructure being installed in and around them needs to be carefully designed and implemented. If due process is not followed, it can create unstable structures and lead to countless problems in the future.

Of course, Bluey Technologies understands these concerns and has developed key soil and rock grouting solutions to help all manner of applications. This includes a range of cement based grouts for void filling, consolidation and stabilisation, among others. As an industry leader in the Asia-Pacific civil engineering sector, we believe that projects involving soil and rock need to be completed with precision – making our grouts some of the best in the market.

Read on to find out more about BluCem HS200, BluCem HS400 and BluCem HE80 – perfect for soil and rock grouting. There are key differences with each and it’s important these are taken into account before work begins.

Which product belongs where?

BluCem HS200 is designed for use where high fluidity for penetration is required. This in in contrast to BluCem HS400, which is manufactured for grouting where you need the grout to be pumped into place but not flow without application of pressure. The main difference here is that when the grout will be required to resist flow under gravity forces, it’s best to adopt the high-strength thixotropic pumpable grout of the HS400.

For applications where very fine fissures or soils are required to be grouted we would recommend the use of BluCem MF12. BluCem MF12 is a microfine cement system which has an extremely fine particle size making it suitable for penetration grouting and soil consolidation.

On the other side of the coin is HE80, a very fast setting durable pumpable grout, which is useful when infrastructure needs to be returned to service within hours. HE80 offers both high ultimate strengths and high durability – making it a standout product in the civil engineering market.

It goes without saying that all three products have received widespread approval and acceptance from local authorities, including road and rail, as well as offering 100-year design life. From this point, it is all about making the most out of each.

As mentioned above, product selection and design are vital around soil and rock grouting. This is why it pays to get in touch with the civil engineers at Bluey Technologies early in the planning process to ensure the correct grout is obtained.

BluCem HS200, BluCem HS400 and BluCem MF12 – the key points

These two products are the leading selections in relation to soil and rock grouting. While we talked above about the different applications, the technical advantages are quite similar.

Firstly, neither one contains aluminium or other metallic expansion agents, which could cause hydrogen embrittlement.

Secondly, the products offer high early strength for strata support – perfect when working around unstable or inconsistent ground.

Lastly, all three products are designed with high cement content to provide a very long design life. Making each product suitable for permanent infrastructure applications.

Learning more about soil and rock grouting

At Bluey Technologies, we have a strong consultancy element to our service. Using our solid market knowledge, we are able to ensure your team is using the best grout for the project.

In addition, our team can help with design and offer technical advantages to speed up a project and save money. In today’s fast-paced civil engineering industry, it pays to be ahead of the curve, and Bluey can ensure you get there.

If you would like more information about the three products detailed in relation to soil and rock grouting, contact us today.

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