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Sewer Repair

By global standards, Australia’s sewer networks are among the best in the world. Built with precision and consideration, these tunnels are efficient at moving waste from one location to another.

However, to maintain these standards, councils and private businesses must keep a keen eye on sewers as any blockages or cracks could bring serious consequences. As such, sewer repairs are a vital part of the civil engineering industry – ensuring Australia remains the example globally.

This is where Bluey Technologies can be of service. Sewer repairs are part of our wider concrete repair scope, and we are proud to offer industry-leading products and technical assistance in this area. We understand that sewer repair projects must be completed on time, on budget and within certain parameters. Therefore, we always go above and beyond with our clients and customers.

What sewer works does Bluey Technologies specialise in?

We have been a constant presence in the Asia-Pacific civil engineering sector for many years, bringing unrivalled insight into a number of sewer-related applications. Whether this is in regard to the rehabilitation of sewers, pipes or culverts or your business is looking to strengthen existing infrastructure, these tasks are all achievable with the assistance of Bluey Technologies.

It is important to note our attention to detail. Before the project gets underway, our team of qualified civil engineers will assess the sewer repair task and offer information on which product will work best. In the application of cementitious sewer repairs, this will either be the BluCem Geospray or BluCem HB50.

Why BluCem?

Regardless of a sewer’s location, it will contain acid gases, chloride ions, sulphates or aggressive chemicals. Over time, these substances can wear down the concrete layer and cause cracks and other anomalies that can decrease the effectiveness of the sewer system.

As such, the BluCem range works well in aggressive environments. Designed with excellent corrosion resistance, structural rehabilitation properties and extremely high bond, our BluCem range can stand the test of time in these tough surroundings.

Product durability is a key concern for us, which is why we design our products to satisfy up to a 100-year design life on certain projects. This way, you can trust that our products have been tested against the most extreme conditions and still remain strong for a significant amount of time.

BluCem Geospray – the key details

As one of our newest products, the BluCem Geospray is perfect for sewer repairs. The geopolymer structural mortar combines natural mineral polymers and recycled industrial waste to provide a strong solution in the sewer environment.

Green Star rated against world standards, this particular product is safe for use in confined locations and doesn’t release further chemicals and substances into the pipes.

BluCem HB50

Alternatively, the concrete repair mortar BluCem HB50 could also be used for sewer repairs in Australia. Its low permeability and special additives make it great for highly-corrosive locations where the presence of water could be an issue.

This product can be applied to new structures to form a resistant liner against both acidic environments, including sulphate soils.

Want to learn more?

When working in the sewer environment, Bluey Technologies can provide advice on many aspects of a project. This includes surface preparation, mixing methods, equipment selection, application and onsite testing.

For more information about our products and sewer repair applications, contact our friendly team today.

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