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High Early Strength Grouting

In modern nations such as Australia and New Zealand, infrastructure and service delays cost money and time across a number of stakeholders. It doesn’t matter whether it is a building, road, tunnel, port or airport, infrastructure needs to be constantly working at 100 per cent.

However, there are always times when structural repairs need to be completed – taking services and infrastructure offline. As a result, civil engineers are up against the clock to ensure the repairs are completed to a high standard and returned to service as quickly as possible. This is where high early strength grouting solutions from Bluey Technologies Pty Ltd are useful.

At Bluey Technologies, we have established ourselves as a true industry leader in the Asia-Pacific civil engineering sector. With a wide variety of products, we can help your team get important services and infrastructure back up and running without delay.

High Early Strength Grouting – what should I know?

As mentioned above, when you are trying to install structural elements or pre-cast elements, you want them back in service as quickly as possible. Using a grout to secure it in place – you don’t want to wait 24 hours for the grout to gain sufficient strength especially if it needs to be back in service after a few hours.

We have several different grout types designed with the same CSA cement system. This includes repair mortar in BluCem HB50, micro-concrete in BluCem HE80AG, early strength concrete in BluCem 80-10 and high flow grout BluCem HE80. These are designed for different applications – highlighting the importance of the speaking to the expert team at Bluey to ensure you get the right product.

Key benefits of BluCem HE80

One of the most popular products used for this type of grout work is the BluCem HE80. Here is a list of its key advantages:

  • Remains fluid for 30-60 minutes – depending on ambient temperature. This means you can pump it through a very small conduit into tight locations.
  • Contains a fine aggregate (less than 0.3mm) – allowing good penetration into tight spaces. The grout will flow long distances if you need it to self-level within a space.
  • Sets within an hour, offering 20 MPa in two hours, 30 MPa in three hours and 40 MPa after four hours.
  • Designed from a CSA cement system which gives it unique strength properties to help with early structural and strata support.
  • Very high resistance to both chlorides and sulfates as a result of special additives.
  • Excellent pumpability for ease of application on site.

Of course, when working against the clock, it not only pays to have the product in use, but also to take advantage of the skills and experience offered by the Bluey Technologies team.

Working with Bluey in High Early Strength Grouting projects

As the products set very quickly, you need to have good processes in place. We have been involved in a number of projects where we write the work method statement – which includes scheduling for mixing, pumping and placement.

We also provide advice on the mixing and pumping equipment required on site. As an industry leader, Bluey Technologies is here to help make your project run as smoothly as possible.

If you are interested in learning more about our range of High Early Strength Grouts, or the HE80 in particular, feel free to reach out to our team today.

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