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Epoxy Coatings

From a pool deck to the hull of an aeroplane, epoxies provide an unmatched level of bonding strength and durability. When it comes to choosing the best epoxy for a particular project, there are a number of factors that must be taken into consideration.

With so many possible epoxy applications, there is a need for a wide array of products that can deliver on the diverse project requirements that are out there. This is what underlies the principle behind Bluey’s extensive line of BluRez epoxy coatings.

The versatility of Bluey’s BluRez

BluRez from Bluey delivers the latest in epoxy innovation as a result of thorough research, development and testing. These products are designed to provide safe and sustainable solutions for a number of civil engineering needs, including:

  • Structural anchoring.
  • Bonding.
  • Grouting.
  • General concrete repair.
  • Sealing floor toppers.
  • Priming porous concrete.

Because all of Bluey’s products are specifically geared towards a number of uses, our expert team is ready to support any project through advice and consultation. Whatever the project, Bluey’s BluRez line provides a number of epoxy coatings that can meet your needs for a variety of applications.

BluRez 111 epoxy resin

For structural injection grouting repairs, BluRez 111 epoxy resin offers a fast-curing and solventless bonding agent that works well with dry or damp surfaces.

This two-component epoxy, like many others in the BluRez line, is very convenient. The two parts – A and B – are packaged together in precise amounts, so the full amount of part B needs to be mixed into the full amount of part A without the need for additional measuring.

The high level of penetration is due to BluRez 111’s low viscosity – 100 mPa.s when kept at 25 degrees Celsius. At that temperature, BluRez 111 has a pot life of 120 minutes.

BluRez 480 epoxy grout

For projects that may require extended working times, BluRez 480 is an ideal grouting mortar that can be pumped or poured, according to the on-site needs of the project.

BluRez 480 carries a working time of 30 minutes, but BluRez 480UT extends that to five hours without sacrificing on strength. BluRez 480 has a compressive strength of 100 MPa and a tensile strength of 25 MPa, while BluRez 480UT measures up at 98 MPa and 29 MPa for compressive and tensile strength, respectively.

BluRez 480 offers a versatile solution for a number of anchoring needs, including:

  • Deep foundation grouting.
  • Transport and crane rail anchoring and grouting.
  • Precision grouting for mining equipment.
  • Anchoring of reinforcements, inserts and bolts.
  • Structural concrete repairs.
  • High-strength support of rotating machinery and mobile equipment.

BluRez 575 adhesive epoxy

When strength and chemical resistance are called for, BluRez 575 is the adhesive epoxy for the job. This Kevlar-reinforced epoxy paste is ideally suited for grouting, bonding and general concrete repair. Combining strength with versatility, BluRez 575 adheres well to a number of compatible surfaces – including concrete and prepared steel, dry or damp.

In addition to its chemical resistance, BluRez 575 can be used for filling in gaps and eliminates sag on overhead or vertical surfaces.

More than just products

A key component of Bluey’s offerings is the consultation and support that we can lend to any number of projects. This stretches from advice on which product is ideal for your project, to support with the associated mixing and application tools.

In civil engineering ventures, mistakes can be costly and time consuming. With Bluey’s industry-leading expertise, we make sure that the work is done in the most effective manner the first time around.

Contact us at Bluey to get top-level knowledge in your project’s corner today.

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