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Crack Injection

Took a good look at any concrete structure, and you’re bound to see a few cracks forming. While it is easy to lay the blame on materials or human error, the reality is that concrete is designed to crack. It’s inevitable, even when the utmost care was taken during construction.

When cracks do form in concrete, what options are there for remedying the issue?

When to use crack injection methods

Of course, a long-lasting solution for cracks is to replace the offending section of concrete. This, however, can take up considerable amounts of time and money, resources that are often in short supply.

If the repair work needs to be carried out on infrastructure that’s used frequently, the time taken for repairs is even more precious. A lengthy process would cause a near-unacceptable number of disruptions to the people or businesses that use the project. Structures such as bridges and carparks, for example, are often used on a daily basis – shutting them down for extensive repairs would be a logistical nightmare.

Though a larger network of cracks may require a full replacement of concrete, smaller cracks in fewer numbers can be easily and conveniently repaired through crack injection.

Bluey’s solutions for crack injection

As every job site has different conditions, Bluey has created a number of materials to meet the needs of a variety of environments.

Whether for structural repair or waterproof sealing needs, our BluRez line of products, including epoxy and polyurethane resins, provide a high-quality tool that will aid in any crack injection project.

BluRez CSW polyurethane resin

When preventing or stopping water seepage is a priority, Bluey’s BluRez CSW gets the job done. This fast-setting injection resin just needs to be mixed with CSW-X, which results in a high-foaming reaction on contact with water.

The BluRez CSW system is packaged in a 21-litre kit – 20 litres of CSW and 1 litre of CSW-X. Once BluRez CSW has been mixed with a 0-10 per cent CSW-X addition, the resin is ready for injection.

BluRez CS150 polyurethane injection resin

As a hydrophilic substance, BluRez CS150 injection resin is specifically engineered for projects in constantly damp locations, including:

  • Bridge abutments.
  • Concrete foundations.
  • Retaining walls.
  • Slabs on the ground.
  • Subterranean curtains.
  • Tunnel linings.

Highly practical and easy to use, BluRez CS150 is a single component product which will react with water upon injection. At 25 degrees Celsius with a 1:3 water-to-resin ratio, BluRez CS150 foams within 45 to 200 seconds – fast enough to fill all nooks and crannies in a crack before being washed out with water.

BluRez Epoxy 111

When a crack in concrete threatens a structure’s integrity, injection repairs must be completed with a material that can equal or surpass the strength of the surrounding concrete.

For structural crack repairs that require sealing with such a high-strength bonding agent, BluRez Epoxy 111 is the answer. A fast-hardening material, it works well with both damp and dry surfaces.

BluRez Epoxy 111 features a low viscosity of 100 mPa.s at 25 degrees Celsius, which helps enable maximum penetration in crack injection repairs. Its compressive strength of 105 MPa also makes it ideal for structural work.

The support any job needs

Bluey provides more than just the high-quality materials needed for any crack injection project. With industry-leading experience in Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia, the team at Bluey is on hand to give their expert knowledge and advice with any repair works.

Whether consultation, training, supervision or other roles are required, Bluey engineers can give any project the support it needs.

For more information about how Bluey can assist with crack injection projects, contact us today.

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