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Concrete Repair

In the civil engineering industry, Bluey Technologies Pty Ltd are considered ahead of our time. Involved in a vast number of industry-leading projects across both Australia and New Zealand, our products are changing civil engineering.

From projects in tunnels and basements to road construction, railways and ports, we are committed to providing high-quality products that are designed to do its job the first time.

As well as developing civil engineering products, an important part of our service is on-site technical support. No matter the size of the project, our expert team will be on site to deliver implementation assistance and general help.

It is important to note that in any application, Bluey Technologies is committed to workplace health and safety legislation and protecting the natural environment. In fact, our consultants constantly assess risks to ensure positive outcomes for all parties.

One of our core areas of expertise is concrete repair. Read on to find out the importance of concrete repair, the scope of our offerings and how we can help on your next repair effort.

Is concrete repair worth the effort?

One of the common misconceptions with cracked or damaged concrete is that, for the best result, it’s more productive to take the entire section out and replace it with fresh concrete. While this is one available option, it’s important to remember that this isn’t the only possible avenue.

At Bluey Technologies, concrete repair is a real focus and we endeavour in many situations to offer solutions to repair concrete rather than let businesses spend more money on a complete replacement project. In fact, if the infrastructure is of public use, shutting it down is simply not an option – highlighting the value of working with Bluey to repair the concrete without stress.

Of course, our expert team of civil engineers are more than happy to inspect the location to determine the validity of a concrete repair job. In our years of experience, we are confident in making a decision that works for all parties and ensures both a safe and nondisruptive project.

Where are our concrete repair products used?

Due to the wide nature of the concrete repair sector, we offer a number of products which are specifically designed to service particular needs. This includes:

  • General crack injection (BluRez 150, CSW and 111)
  • General structural repairs (BluCem HB50, HB55, LH60 and HB60)
  • Wharf Repairs (BluCem HB50, HB55 and HB60, L605)
  • Concrete Sealing (BluRez 150, CSW and 111)
  • Sewer Repair (Geospray, 575 and BluCem HB50)
  • Architectural Repairs (BluCem HB30)

Concrete repair products – in focus

The BluCem HB range is used primarily in concrete repair applications in complex environments such as the sewer or near water. These spray-and-trowel applied mortars are specially designed to both solidify the ground as well as reinforce the existing concrete structures.

We use the BluCem HB products where tidal zones create application difficulties or in aggressive environments that contain acid gasses, chloride ions, sulphates or other chemicals which can inhibit product durability.

The BluRez product line is very similar, but involves resins and epoxys that are injected into concrete cracks. This could be an option on car-park decks or other public assets where disruptions must be kept to a minimum.

Of course, depending on the nature of your concrete repair project, Bluey can provide both the product and expertise to get the job done right the first time. For more information about repairing concrete applications, contact our team today.


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