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Bolt Grouting

When it comes to safety in any tunnelling or underground project, rock bolting is an effective mechanism for long term and short term tunnel rock support. When work sites require a long-term application of rock bolting, bolt grouting is used to ensure maximum stability and 100 year durability.

The importance of bolt grouting

Before rock bolting techniques, underground work was significantly more time-consuming, expensive and dangerous. Propping up excavated rock was a lengthy process, one which exposed workers to the risk of a ceiling collapse before they finished the task.

With modern techniques, however, rock bolting can be completed through mechanical methods. Now, tunnels and other excavated structures can be stabilised efficiently and safely using specialised drilling and bolting rigs.

However, while rock bolts are an essential part of stabilisation, the grout used to hold them in place is just as crucial.

Bluey’s bolt grouting offerings

While our BluGeo line of products provide high-quality stabilisation solutions, they can make use of bolt grouting to ensure a longer-term working life. That’s where Bluey’s BluCem line of grouts comes in.

Developed through years of experience as an industry leader in Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia, our BluCem products are designed to meet the various needs of bolt grouting applications in a number of different environments.

BluCem HS400 grout

Overhead rock bolts present a particular physics issue; they require a grout that is pumped into place but doesn’t simply flow out under the force of gravity.

With its unique properties, BluCem HS400 grout meets these requirements. This thixotropic grout maintains a low viscosity when subject to agitating forces but returns to a highly viscous state when at rest. The grout is packaged as a cementitious powder, which just needs to be mixed with water for activation.

BluCem HS400 also provides an incredibly strong connection to the rock, featuring a compressive strength of 60 to 80 MPa after a 28-day period, depending on the mixing ratio.

Brisbane’s Airport Link project – an extensive underground road system – found a need for BluCem HS400 when it came to tunnelling works. Though the bolting systems used were for temporary applications, rigorous performance requirements called for the strength normally needed in permanent setups.

To meet this standard, engineers used 7,000 bags of BluCem HS400 for the bolt grouting of 4,000 overhead roof-support cable bolts. Performance testing of these bolts resulted in a 100 per cent success rate, with no encapsulation failures or bolt pull-outs.

BluCem HS200 grout

When a strong, pumpable grout is required for high-tensile steel applications- such as ground anchors, canopy tubes or horizontal bolts – Bluey’s BluCem HS200 is an ideal solution. This cementitious powder is incredibly easy to use; it only needs to be mixed with water to form a highly fluid grout.

Fast-acting and incredibly strong, BluCem HS200 has a 24-hour strength of 40 MPa. After 28 days, that strengthens to 100 MPa. With an initial set time of just four hours, BluCem HS200 provides a high initial strength and a long working life, ensuring practicality and productivity on any job site.

Bluey’s BluCem line has played a key role in a number of projects, including the installation of the roof at Sydney’s International Convention Centre (ICC). The roof over this 35,000 square-metre, state-of-the-art exhibition centre is supported by BluCem HS200.

An evaluation carried out by project engineers concluded that the anchor grout was a preferable alternative to epoxy grouts, which have traditionally been used in similar applications. The use of BluCem HS200 helped reduce the cost of the roof raising by a considerable amount.

The support a project needs

Bluey offers more than just excellent materials. With our wealth of experience, we can provide consultation, training and on-site support for any number of bolt grouting applications, as well as other engineering works.

To learn more about our services, contact Bluey today.


BluCem HS100 & HS400


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