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BluCem HE80AG

When it comes to infrastructure repairs, particularly in essential or high-traffic areas, getting surfaces ready for use as soon as possible is crucial. After all, lengthy delays could cause a number of problems – some even catastrophic, depending on the project.

On the other hand, pushing repair works through in a rushed manner could lead to other undesirable scenarios, such as needing to start over or perform even more expensive corrections down the line.

Knowing the importance of time frames, we at Bluey have developed BluCem HE80AG early strength cementitious grout. This durable grout has a final set time of 40 minutes, meaning quality repair work can be finished in record time.

The benefits of BluCem

Providing a high-strength bond in a short amount of time, BluCem HE80AG is ideally suited for projects that must be completed with a limited deadline.

Unlike other grouts, BluCem HE80AG is incredibly durable and has a high set strength – 15 MPa after two hours, and 55 MPa after one day.

This grout also has minimal shrinkage properties and features an improved resistance to sulphate and chloride.

Done in time for takeoff

While time constraints can be flexible on some projects, they are utterly set in stone for others. Work on an airport runway, for example, must be completed in narrow windows of time, otherwise delays could cause problems for travellers in a number of locations around the globe.

This scenario is exactly what the engineers at Melbourne Airport were worried about when runway and lighting work needed to be done. Luckily for travellers, Bluey was able to provide a solution that had works wrapped up in time for the morning flights.

Completing any work at an airport is tricky, but it’s even more complex at Melbourne – the second-busiest airport in Australia. The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development noted that the airport saw almost 33 million passengers in the year leading up to January 2016.

The 2011 project at Melbourne Airport included new lighting and resurfacing for two of the runways. BluCem HE80AG played a crucial role, as the grouting was mixed on site and poured right from the mixer into the trenches dug for lighting conduits.

Work on the project started at midnight and wrapped up at 5:00 a.m. In a testament to BluCem HE80AG’s utility, the first planes of the day were able to get on the runway an hour later.

Similar works of large scale have been completed at major airports around Australia including Sydney Kingsford Smith and Brisbane Airports.

For more information about our BluCem line, as well as about the expert support and consulting we provide, contact Bluey today.


BluCem HE80AG Early Strength Cementitious Grout


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