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Airport Runway Repairs

According to non-profit organisation Prokerala, there are more than 600 airports located throughout Australia. Whether serving international, domestic, recreational or military purposes, these pieces of infrastructure are vital for the country’s economy.

As Australia’s population continues to grow, it is likely to pose more stress and demand on this infrastructure – increasing the likelihood of the runways breaking down over time. If this occurs, there is potential for flight delays, airport closures and even plane accidents so the quality of the runway should be the focus for any airport civil engineer.

This is where Bluey Technologies can be of service. As a well-respected part of the civil engineering industry, we are versed in all elements of airport runway repairs and have the products and technical knowledge to assist this process. Read on to learn more about how Bluey adds value in this area.

What airport works are Bluey expert in?

As a result of our years in the Asia-Pacific civil engineering sector, we are able to provide insight into a number of airport-related applications. This includes lighting upgrades, runway strengthening and general maintenance works.

Within each area, our team of experienced civil engineers can assess the situation and ensure the right product is used. For airport runways, we recommend the use of either BluCem HE80 or BluCem HE80AG, both of which have been designed with early strength in mind.

These grouting products are part of our wide BluCem product range of cement grouts and mortars for fast setting and repair tasks.

Wish to learn more about the Bluey approach?

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in learning more about our recent airport project completions. Over past years, we’ve worked extensively on a number of runways including Melbourne’s Tullamarine airport. In this example, we supplied grout for a 1,600m stretch of runway and ensured the tarmac was operational as quickly as possible.

This is a key element around airport runway repairs, if a project goes over time, it can cause significant financial and emotional stress to airport owners, airlines and passengers. As such, all civil engineering operations need to be completed up to standard and within the allotted timeframe. At Bluey Technologies, we take this risk seriously and adhere to accurate, but productive civil engineering quality processes.

Across every runway repair project, we offer a range of services. This includes surface preparation, mixing methods, equipment selection, application and onsite testing. Every piece of this puzzle is conducted by approved installers and civil engineering professionals with years of experience.

Working with Bluey on airport repairs

As mentioned above, there are two particular products which are designed for use on airport runway repairs – the BluCem HE80 or BluCem HE80AG. These grouts come in various packaging sizes of either 20kg, 1,200kg or 4,800kg kits and can be applied by those with expertise in mixing and placement.

Using concrete agitator trucks, we can mix four 1,200kg bulk bags at a time – increasing project productivity. Additionally, a separate supply of aggregate and activator allows 2,500 litre batches to be mixed and placed within minutes which means that hundreds of metres of runway can be filled in a matter of minutes.

Our team at Bluey has extensive experience in the use of CSA cement systems for this purpose. We understand the importance of onsite quality control and can ensure that grout set times are consistent under all conditions. Our method of weigh batching during installation is far more accurate and reliable than Volume Batch Systems (VBS) currently used in certain applications. Our engineers will be happy to walk you through the differences between these two methods and the advantages of weigh batching.

At this point, asphalt can be placed over the BluCem HE80AG almost simultaneously and the runway can be opened for service within hours.

If your airport’s runways are in need of repair or your business is considering this type of civil engineering project this year, contact the team at Bluey Technologies for more information.


BluCem HE80 Early Strength Cementitious Grout



BluCem HE80AG Early Strength Cementitious Grout


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