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BluSeal UCG Waterstop



BluSeal UCG Waterstop is a universal PVC centre guard watersop which requires only installation to a positive seal for in-situ concrete expansion and constructions joints.


BluSeal UCG Waterstop has been designed for sealing various configurations of concrete elements and structures.

The product is available in a range of size profiles for use in construction and movement joints. BluSeal UCG Waterstop is used for both joint sealing and compartmentalisation purposes.

Application Advantages

Easy to install

Full range of sizes

Conforms and exceeds all major international standards

High quality PVC for long term durability and integrity

Can withstand high hydrostatic pressures

Resistant to a range of environmental conditions

About the Product

BluSeal UCG Waterstops are extruded from specially formulated PVC to meet International standards. The product has high flexibility and an ability to withstand cyclical loadings expected within movement joints. The range of widths and rib configurations provides specifiers with options which will suit a range of waterproofing solutions. BluSeal UCG Waterstop has the structural integrity and the long term durability to make it suitable for critical infrastructure works in a range of application environments. It is the reliable choice for all modern civil and commercial building applications.

Project Examples

Tunnels, basement construction, water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants.

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