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BluSeal PVC Liner



BluSeal Tunnel Liner is a synthetic membrane of plasticised PVC sheet which requires only installation and welding to form a flexible and durable membrane.


BluSeal Tunnel Liner is used for lining basements, bored and driven tunnels, cut and cover tunnels, cross passages, shafts and underground structures. BluSeal Tunnel Liner comes in a range of thicknesses for various performance applications. The membrane is applied to structures to prevent water inflow and provide asset protection.


Flexibility to conform to various surface profiles

High tear strength and elongation

Exceptional waterproofing performance

Long term durability

Good weldability


Shotcrete and rock surfaces must be smooth and free of sharp edges. Generally, changes in direction and voids must be limited to less than 10% over any measured length. For example, over a 1m length, no void or protrusion should exceed 100mm. Fibre-reinforced shotcrete must be covered with a smoothing layer and generally aggregate sizes greater than 10mm should be avoided. Membrane must be placed over non-woven geotextile not less than 500g/m2 in weight.


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