BluSeal JS50


BluSeal JS50



BluSeal JS50 is an adhered membrane joint system which, when used together with BluSeal AD50, forms a flexible joint sealing solution. BluSeal JS50 is an adhered, high elasticity product suitable for civil engineering applications. BluSeal JS50 incorporates resilient EPDM polymers to form a durable membrane which has high movement capacity, tolerance to extreme temperature variations and ultra-high bond capabilities in a range of applications.

Application Advantages

Easy and fast application

Suitable for bonding to damp surfaces

Solvent and silicone-free


Bonds to steel, concrete and other building surfaces

Lifecycle Advantages

High movement capacity


Extreme temperature variation tolerant

Ultra high bond capabilities in a range of applications

About the Product

BluSeal JS50 is an EPDM bonded joint sealing system which can be applied to form a flexible, easy to apply joint seal. BluSeal JS50 is designed to be used in conjunction with BluSeal AD50 to create an ultra-high movement capable joint seal for fixing between structural elements where large differential deflections are expected. Due to its robust nature and ability to be applied in damp environments, BluSeal JS50 is particularly suitable for the most challenging civil engineering applications.

Project Specification Clause

The joint sealing membrane used for this project shall be an adhered membrane strip which requires only careful application to form a durable joint sealing product. It shall be prefabricated and tested to achieve the technical requirements outlined in the technical data table detailed below in accordance with the standards shown. BluSeal JS50 manufactured by Bluey Technologies or similarly performing products may be accepted for use on this project.

Project Examples

Carpark construction and repair, tunnels and underground environments, jetty construction and repair, airport construction, bridge repair, building repairs, dam construction and repair, concrete structures, road repairs, sea wall repair and maintenance.

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