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BluGeo S-Type Centraliser



BluGeo S-Type Centralisers are high strength plastic centralisers which hold bars centrally in a drilled hole.


BluGeo S-Type Centralisers are industry designed to be suitable for civil engineering applications including ground anchors, soil nails, mini-piles and rock bolts.
BluGeo S-Type Centralisers have been designed to ensure the bar is centred in the grout column, and provide the necessary separation between the individual components and thus effective penetration of grout.
BluGeo -S Type Centralisers are suitable for bar diameters ranging from 20mm to 32mm and the components are non-corrosive, easy to handle and easy to fit. The choice of spacing along the bar is determined by the weight of the bar and the units are fitted by sliding the centraliser onto the bar from one end. The bar automatically aligns in the centre of the centraliser and can be tightly banded with tape.


Easy to fit


Range of sizes for common applications

Allows space for grout tube to be installed


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