At a time when MB Solutions Australia was re-establishing itself in Australia as a market leader for specialty construction chemicals, Bluey was also looking for ways to continue its expansion and support its growth efforts both locally and abroad.

The solution for both companies has come in the form of an acquisition that was finalised this week.

Following its recent separation from BASF Group, MB Solutions Australia became part of MBCC Group and was looking to grow the Australian & New Zealand customer experience with its main brand Master Builders Solutions. In keeping with those goals, the company approached Bluey late last year to discuss a possible acquisition.

After initial discussions, it was clear to all that the proposal had great merit and would be highly beneficial for both companies.

The acquisition enables all of us at Bluey to continue offering the same high-quality service and products to both our current and future customers across Australia and around the world.

In an acquisition, both companies are  stronger together. We’re combining our strengths and capabilities, which is a great result for all of our customers.

The acquisition by MBCC Group increases our strength and will be instrumental in our future growth and success.

Importantly, from the customer’s perspective, It’s business as usual. Same points of contact, same people, same product names.

What does stronger together really mean?

The acquisition is delivering three core benefits to all of our customers:

1) Smarter Together
Greater access to expertise, R&D capabilities and fresh perspectives.

Our customers will have access to a larger and more diverse pool of expertise, including engineers, technical experts and product specialists. The acquisition gives both companies, expanded in-house logistics, product testing and R&D capabilities which will benefit all customers.

2) Faster Together:
Improved reliability and effectiveness.

With our expanded capabilities, we’ll be better able to develop and deliver high-quality products and solutions faster than ever before. What’s more, our expanded network of facilities and warehouses, together with our national logistics network will significantly increase the reliability of our supply chain for all customers.

3) Growing Together:
Expanded products, services and technical support.

The acquisition allows both Bluey and MB Solutions to continue their expansion together, building on their strong reputations of innovative products and high-quality service. It also provides an expanded geographic reach enabling us to better support our customers on the ground, regardless of their location.

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