In 1845 people rode horses to work, no one knew what electricity was and the reinforced steel bar was invented. These days, we drive to work in air-conditioned cars, while chatting on smartphones… Yet we still use the same old reinforced steel bar.

Isn’t it about time the rebar saw some innovation?

Innovation is at the core of what we do at Bluey Technologies. Supporting the civil engineering industry by improving and developing products is what we do best. In 2011, Bluey introduced BluGeo GRP60, a glass-fibre reinforced polymer continuously threaded bar with an extremely high load carrying capacity. A new solution for ground anchoring and soil nails.

Below are the top five innovative advantages that BluGeo GRP60 offers over traditional steel.

1) ¼ Weight of Steel – BluGeo GRP60 is strong, extremely lightweight, simple to handle and easy to cut.

2) 2x the Tensile Strength of Steel – Consistent testing and research enables Bluey to offer a high tensile strength product that exceeds expectations and provides excellent results.

3) High Corrosion Resistance – Some environments promote corrosive properties, but as a result of our dedication to testing, research and product development, BluGeo GRP60 is highly resistant to this issue and eliminates the need for Double Corrosion Protection (DCP), unlike steel.

4) Non-Conductive – BluGeo GRP60 is a non-conductive material which eliminates stray currents concerns, unlike steel.

5) 100-Year Design Life – BluGeo GRP60 can be part of a permanent solution for face stabilisation and ground support projects.

In the 15 years since Bluey’s conception, we’ve reimagined a number of products that have changed the way civil engineering is conducted in Australia. Looking ahead, Bluey plans on continuing this spirit of innovation for years to come.

If you’d like to learn more about how we’re continuing to innovate, or you’d like to know more about BluGeo GRP Systems and its applications, contact us at 1300 0 BLUEY or email Greg Sieders at


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