After an extended period of strong growth, Bluey Technologies is proud to announce the appointment of Grant Stewart as CEO. This is a natural evolution for Bluey Technologies and the strengthening of the leadership team and capabilities through this appointment has been a priority.

Grant will ensure that Bluey continues to provide the highest level of customer support as the business continues to develop more products and employ more people to service growing industry needs. Grant will bring new ideas, customer service initiatives and industry knowledge to the table.

Read on to find out more about Grant's background, previous achievements and what he hopes to add to the growing brand of Bluey Technologies.

Extensive industry experience

For over 20 years, Grant was a partner at PwC utilising his skills across numerous leadership roles in the construction, industry and government segments. More recently, Grant has advised high-growth companies on providing better service through operational efficiencies and improved business processes. The goal being to provide the best value for our customers.

For over 20 years, Grant was a partner at PwC utilising his skills across numerous leadership roles.

Grant explains that one of his biggest achievements was being an integral member of a team that collaborated to transform the largest consulting firm in Australia – skills and experience that he hopes to bring to Bluey.

"The transformation platform focussed on client service innovation to build sustainable competitive advantage and was leveraged globally," he said.

"This experience – which evolved over a number of years – reinforced the power of collaboration to realise great outcomes for clients and the momentum and options that creates within an organisation."

Putting future growth plans in place

Grant is keen to point out that Bluey Technologies is a strong, capable civil engineering supply business that has a bright future.

"Great businesses build their brand on design and innovation to address challenges," he says.

Grant is looking to focus on realising this growth potential of Bluey through fostering a design and innovation mindset with the user experience at the centre of everything Bluey does.

Bluey's future excites Grant, as does the opportunity to be part of a truly authentic and unique culture.

"The business focuses on high performance, innovates with the customer in mind and embraces change. Bluey's people understand the importance of building and maintaining trusted relationships," Grant notes.

"While I bring experience, passion and a proven track record of adapting organisations for change, the continued success of Bluey will be a team effort."

This is where Grant's focus on people originates. He believes in the potential of people, with one of his goals being the continued investment in the team, customers and suppliers. Grant recognises the importance of corporate social responsibility to the Bluey Technologies brand and attractiveness.

Bluey Technologies – the future

Grant states that Bluey Technologies is in a good place as global infrastructure availability, usability and durability needs change.

"Growth in our communities and changing behaviours and demands will require innovative products and services that allow for cost effective whole of life management of our infrastructure," Grant explained.

"Our customers want more of Bluey and its innovative approach, and we are excited by this challenge."

Bluey Technologies has time and time again delivered solutions to assist clients achieve their outcomes, and Grant is looking to maintain this momentum. He suggests a focus on product and service innovation will underpin Bluey's capacity to meet the community's current and future needs. The foundations are there, and the continued investment in Bluey's capabilities will provide even greater opportunities for our customers, suppliers and staff.

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