Since the devastation of that day in 2001, New York has been in a constant state of civil construction – in particular around the World Trade Centre in lower Manhattan.

In recent years, many new buildings and landmarks have emerged, giving the area a renewed sense of normality. A great example of this is the new World Trade Centre Transportation Hub. In addition to being built as a state-of-the-art rail terminal, the infrastructure will double as part of the $US1.4 billion ($2 billion) Westfield shopping centre.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH), Westfield World Trade Centre occupies four tower bases and the concourses that connect each one. Spanning four blocks, the mall is set to be one the grandest pieces of commercial infrastructure that New York has seen in recent times.

Civil engineers continue to work hard on this project, but constant delays have meant the shopping centre won't open before Christmas as workers battle a number of issues – including a leaky roof.

Water-related delays

The SMH reported that the water problem started a number of months ago on the construction site of 3 World Trade Centre between a nearby office tower and the transport hub itself. Due to the fact that Tower 3 is still being built, the site is open to the elements and water is hampering progress in this area.

Director of World Trade Center construction for the Port Authority, Steven Plate, told the New York Times that the leak only impacted one of four parts of the Westfield mall infrastructure and that it was now under control.

"The dripping has been reduced dramatically. We've made some significant progress. Several spaces are dry."

With Westfield one of the largest shopping centre chains in the world, construction delays can be very costly. Each day that businesses are unable to start trading is lost revenue to the retail giant. The New York Times revealed that Westfield are committed to getting the project back on track.

"We are cooperating and working closely with the Port Authority as they work to complete construction and meet the conditions for the delivery of the retail spaces," a spokesperson told the newspaper.

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