As an Exhibition Partner, we invite you to join us virtually from the 5 – 8th of September at Concrete 2021.

Experience an engaging and exciting virtual program including keynote speakers, invited speakers and over 150 technical presentations. This year you can plan the program around your own schedule giving you greater access to more presentations than ever before.

What’s for Lunch?
To bring something new to these virtual events, we’re providing lunch vouchers to 100 attendees of the Concrete 2021 Conference. However, you’ll have to register and be in attendance on Day 1 to learn more.


What will the virtual Conference look like?


Concrete 2021 may be a virtual event but that doesn’t mean that the Bluey Team and lolly stand won’t be there.

Under the theme “Smart & Innovative Concrete from Disruption” the Conference will cover all aspects of concrete materials, design, construction, repair, and maintenance.

We look forward to seeing you there (virtually).

Register for Concrete 2021 here:

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