As part of Western Australia's important industry region, the Port of Broome is responsible for supporting a wide variety of sectors in the state. From livestock exports, offshore oil and gas exploration, and cruise ships, there is no doubt that Broome's port is vital to the economy.

This means it makes sense for the Western Australian government to announce a $24.15 million extension to Broome's wharf so it can continue to add value to the region. The wharf, which was built in the 1960s, was extended in 2006, but thanks to increased usage, further improvements are necessary for the years to come.

In a June 16 media statement, Transport Minister Dean Nalder confirmed the investment that will start later this year and be completed by the end of 2016.

What does the wharf extension project include?

Working in the salty marine environment is always tricky for civil engineering businesses and this project is no different. To access the steelwork under the wharf, teams will need to remove sections of the original deck. 

After this point, work will focus on replacing the corroded sections of that steelwork and then reinstate the concrete platform. One of the important factors that civil engineering business will need to consider is the use of marine high build mortar.

With the marine environment so aggressive towards both old and new structures, this type of mortar is suitable due to its fast setting properties and ability to cure in salt water. 

High standard required

Mr Nalder stressed the importance of the wharf project being finished to a high standard and on time.

"The Port of Broome is the main deepwater port servicing the Kimberley and makes a significant contribution to the region's economy, creating jobs for local residents," he explained.

The business that has won the tender, York Civil, has an established history in the marine environment and has worked on many ports across the country. One of the benefits of York Civil's relationship with the state government is that the wharf development won't affect the important operations that occur at the port every day. 

Regional Development Minister Terry Redman explained that the upgrade will drive growth throughout the region.

"The Broome port plays a critical role in supporting the local economy, and through the continued operation of the wharf, this economy will be able to expand through ongoing commercial opportunities."

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