It is fair to say that construction is big business in Australia. From the building of new infrastructure such as roads and railways to tunnels and harbour works, our growing population means change is a must.

According to IBISWorld, the Australian construction industry is worth around $368 billion per annum, supporting 333,500 businesses. This means that there is much choice when it comes to working with an organisation that you can trust to get the job done right – the first time.

However, as a previous article stated, the tunnel waterproofing sector is full of barbarians keen to bombard the market with cheap labour and materials to make a quick buck. So, with this in mind, why should you work with Bluey Technologies for your next project?

1. Industry experience

We've worked on countless tunnelling projects.We’ve worked on countless tunnelling projects.

For over a decade, Bluey Technologies has been working with businesses across the width and breadth of Australia as well as New Zealand. More recently, we have been heavily involved with the Sydney Metro Northwest project, the Waterview Connection in Auckland and a major Victorian sewer project in conjunction with Willcen Australia – all work that is being completed to a high standard with quality products and industry experience.

As such, our engineering team brings enormous knowledge to the table which can add value to your project – no matter its size or scope.

2. Growth potential

Recently, we were proud to announce that Grant Stewart was joining the Bluey Technologies leadership team as chief executive officer. This represents a significant step forward for the business as we aim to capitalise on our recent momentum in the market.

Grant brings years of experience as a PwC Partner in the construction, transport and government sectors, as well as time as a strategic consultant. He cites Bluey’s outstanding brand, products, implementation, consulting and capabilities as the ideal stepping stone to even greater achievements.

“I believe in the potential of people, and we will continue to invest in our team, customers and suppliers – our biggest assets,” he said in a recent interview.

3. Expansive product range

Our wide range of products are up to international standards.Our wide range of products are up to international standards.

Our product line is something that we are very proud of at Bluey Technologies, but this hasn’t prevented us from continuing to expand the range.

Across 2016, new products have emerged across our BluCem, BluGeo, BluRez and BluSeal categories – all aimed at improving the way that we match solutions to applications. As the civil engineering industry continues to advance, our team will actively investigate new solutions to add to the product line.

From soil nails and rock bolts in the BluGeo range to water stopping Polyurethane Resins and precision epoxy grout in the BluRez range, our products are designed to cover the entire civil engineering industry. While some businesses will claim that they are experts in a particular area, our team of engineers comes from different industry backgrounds to complement the products available.

4. Technical advice

Of course, despite the fact that our products are industry-leading, they still need to be applied with technical precision. At Bluey Technologies, we also provide technical support and implementation on site.

Whether this is how to mix the grout properly, finding what solution will work best in a particular situation or general problem-solving, our expert team of civil engineers is on hand to assist. As a guiding hand on site, we aim to be a base of knowledge that can utilised at any point during a project.

No problem is too big or small – with the right approach and product application, any project can reach its full potential.

For more information about how Bluey operates, get in touch with us today.

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