Bluey’s fast setting cement, BluCem FSC, is a cement binder designed to be used on major infrastructure networks around the world. BluCem FSC has been specially formulated to be mixed with course and fine aggregates to produce a fast set concrete. Major airports in Australia, New Zealand and Asia see BluCem FSC technology as delivering significant benefits as part of their current and planned runway and pavement programs.

Our product is based on CSA cement technology for use in concrete works where work must be completed in a short time frame without compromising on the strength and quality of the concrete. BluCem FSC can be mixed on site, in transit mixers or volumetric mixers for quick and easy placement. BluCem FSC has high flexural strength and high compressive strength within two to three hours, as well as very low drying shrinkage and a reduced carbon footprint. All Bluey products are subject to strict quality processes to enable a high degree of confidence to achieve project outcomes. Our demonstrated engineering and delivery experience in the application of innovative fast setting concrete technology provides asset owners and contractors with confidence that their project outcomes will be achieved.

BluCem FSC and the related family of fast set products can be used in major airport upgrades around the world and addresses the difficulties involved in construction and remediation in time critical airport environments. While there are a number of benefits to using BluCem FSC, the key benefit of the technology is the ability to speed up the construction process and the potential for projects to be delivered ahead of schedule. BluCem fast set cement technology has been used on major airport upgrade programs throughout Australia. This cement technology was the ideal solution and perfectly addressed the unique needs of Sydney Airport when upgrading the General Holmes Drive tunnel to be ready for landing Airbus A380 planes for the first time over a decade ago.

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